Monday, June 18, 2018

Our Wedding: The Hunt For Bridal Shoes

Happy Monday friends!

I'm stopping by today with a wedding update! I know it's been a hot minute since I've shared anything wedding related with you guys! It's so hard to decide what to share before the wedding versus what to save sharing until afterwards....and I have a whole room full of wedding stuff to share with you guys! I need to take some pictures so I can share that stuff with you guys as well. So much to do! :)

Anyways, today we are talking about shoes-- specifically my wedding ceremony shoes. My plan is to wear a pair of heels for my ceremony and then change into sandals for the reception (because I plan on dancing ALL NIGHT LONG!). One of my ideas was to make my shoes my something blue and I wanted bright blue shoes. Well when you search bright blue heels there was one company that kept popping up over and over again- Badgley Mischka.

Since our ceremony will take place on a cement walkway I can definitely get away with wearing heels for that portion and I *think* I've found the perfect pair...

I will actually get these in the mail today so I'm hoping that they fit great, feel great and look amazing! I will keep you guys updated on whether or not I actually do love them once I try them out. I'm praying they work!

Now I'm on the hunt for wedding sandals...and a million other things! There are so many things to buy when you are having a wedding!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Recent Household and Beauty Hauls

I have been on a strict less stuff kick for awhile now and have been busy working my way through my household and beauty products all year long. If you've been hanging out for awhile you've seen my empties posts and know I have been trying to finish up a ton of products. 

Well recently I finished every single one of my candles. Then I used up almost all of my hand soaps- seriously only 4 left in my stockpile...and those won't last long! I knew that I didn't want to pay full price for anything and I would be so mad at myself if I let myself completely run out of anything and had to pay full price for it. So when the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale started I knew it was time to buy some items! 

In store I picked up quite a few items:

I picked up three hand soaps, five hand sanitizers and three candles. I let Tim help me pick out my items since he is using and smelling them too. He picked out the banana split milkshake candle and two of the hand sanitizers to bring to work with him. I'm excited to have all these new items and know that it will keep us from having to buy items at full price.

Well I didn't stop there....

I placed an online order for a TON of items so we would be well stocked for all seasons. (Yes, this means I purchased FOUR leaves candles....)

I picked up soaps, candles and refills for my air freshener. I also found some cute gifts for my bridesmaids.

While it may seem excessive I really hate paying full price for anything- so keeping my home well-stocked is important to me. I just need to work my way through old stuff before starting new stuff. Notice I didn't buy and lotions and shower gels? That's because I still have SO much to get through! I don't think I will need any of that for a few years honestly.

I also placed an order recently at Sephora.

I wanted to try the Clinque Moisture Surge since I have heard so many amazing things about it. In order to get to the $50 free shipping I also picked up the Clinque mascara that has been on my wishlist for awhile. Everything else pictured was free with my order- gotta love that!

Lastly, I placed my monthly order from Grove Collaborative.

I've discovered Basil is my absolute favorite Mrs Meyers scent so I picked up a dish soap, multi-surface cleaner and a candle in that scent. I also picked up the Caldrea room spray in sea salt neroli which smells amazing!

Stay tuned for reviews on all these items- you know they'll be in upcoming empties posts eventually! :)

Have a great day everybody!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Our Wedding: Suit Shopping

I just realized I never shared the photos from our suit shopping excursion! I am still getting a lot done with wedding planning it's just not as rapid fire as it was during the beginning of the process. Since we have all of our vendors selected and most of our stuff is picked out we are just slowly paying off our balances and purchasing smaller items.

It's also getting hard because there are certain things I don't want to share until after our wedding is over! I'm sure all brides understand that struggle!

One day a few months ago we headed to Newport to Jos A Bank and spoke to an amazing associate named Jack who helped us get everything situated for Tim's suit and the suits of all the groomsmen.

Tim had decided he wanted to wear gray and he was thinking a darker gray but we still had a lot to decide. He was thinking he wanted to buy his suit but wasn't sure what to do about his groomsmen. We went back and forth whether renting or buying would be a better solution. We really didn't want to burden the groomsmen with a huge cost but we also wanted to make sure they were spending their money wisely.

There were so many different ties! Since the bridesmaids are wearing blue we started looking at different ties and decided that one of the gifts we will give to the groomsmen will be ties they can keep.

There were a ton of options, plus we were trying to decide if Tim's tie should be different or the same as the other guys!

We ended up deciding that Tim will have a custom suit made for him. He can wear it in the future for other weddings and events so why not?! His suit will be a dark gray.

Similar to the color in the swatch above.

The groomsmen will be renting their suits. They will wear light gray suits with a white shirt and a tie we will provide (but similar to the coloring above). I am VERY against vests- I think they are so ugly and I hate when guys take off their jackets and just have the vest on I just don't think it's attractive at all so they will not be wearing vests for our wedding! (Perks of being the bride!)

Tim picked out a brown shoe which Jack said went nicely and we were all set!

Now Tim just needs to go fitted for his custom suit. He will be heading to get that done in the next month or so. Almost all of the groomsmen have gone to get fitted as well so we are pretty much all set!

Did your groom buy or rent his suit?

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

20 Pictures To Inspire You To Visit Southwick's Zoo

If you're a long time reader you will know that Tim and I love visiting zoos and aquariums! We are huge animal lovers and often when we go on vacation we make time to visit one or the other- or both!

On Sunday morning when we woke up and Tim said he wanted to go to the zoo I was all in! I was excited to bring my Canon Rebel T6 along so I could snap some pictures too. So here are 20 pictures to inspire you to visit Southwick's Zoo in Mendon MA.

The deer trail is very cool since it's so interactive. You are able to purchase food throughout the trail and deer constantly come to greet you.

Giraffes are definitely one of my favorite animals and I love seeing them.

They always have babies at Southwick's Zoo which is amazing! I am a huge fan of the baby monkeys in particular.

How colorful and gorgeous are these parakeets? 

You can buy a small popsicle sticks and the parakeets will come to you to eat. I don't think you necessarily need to purchase these but you will certainly get closer to the birds if you do! 

There's also a goat petting zoo and the goats are adorable.

The goats are super friendly and always come up to you even if you don't have food so you can certainly save that money in this exhibit. 

I also love sloths and Southwick's Zoo has several varieties! This sloth mom had a baby and was keeping them super close.

Lastly, the new restaurant in the zoo is great! Galliford's Restaurant and Tavern is open year round and is a newer restaurant. Tim and I thought the food was great and the atmosphere was awesome as well. It felt a little like being in Animal Kingdom at Disney World. I highly recommend it!

Monday, June 4, 2018

May Empties and Declutter

It's Monday is that a possibility?! I also can't believe we are already in June- it's finally warm here in Rhode Island and I am in my element. This is why we suffer through all those unbearable cold months! 

Today I'm going to share my empties from the month of May and also a couple of items I am decluttering. Here's an overview of everything:

Let's start with the two items I'm decluttering.

Lately my skin has been a huge issue and both of these face lotions just made it worse. I have super dry and sensitive skin and both of these made my skin super red. I just don't have time for products that make my skin worse so both of these are getting decluttered. I just placed a Sephora order for a product that I'm hoping will solve my skin problems...fingers crossed. I'm calling the Neutrogena and Aveeno products duds- see ya never.

Next up, two laundry products. I like these smaller containers since I'm hauling all our laundry to the coin operated machine in the basement. I regularly purchase Purex since that's what I grew up using and I do really like it. I would definitely repurchase this in the future. Xtra is something I use when I get it for free- it's just okay not something I would want to spend money on.

I love my cleaning products! I finished up this Pledge floor care cleaner which I would repurchase but I'm planning on buying something different this time. The Method Antibac toilet cleaner is nice and I would repurchase it again. The Mrs Meyers multi-surface spray in Mint is amazing and smells incredible. I have been loving Mrs Meyers scents and have been attempting to try out as many as possible so you will be seeing lots of different ones pop up in my empties!

I finished up one candle this month from Bath and Body Works in the scent vanilla. I picked this up while at HomeGoods since we completely ran out of candles! I know, I know I stockpile like crazy but I actually went through my entire stash. I will be hitting up the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale this week to stock up on candles and a few other items. Anyways, this candle was nice but I always find that Yankee Candles don't have as much of a scent throw as other candles do. They tend to smell really good inside the container but once you light them it's hard to smell them throughout your space- such a bummer.  I wouldn't repurchase this one again because the size was just ridiculously tall and I wasn't getting much scent out of it at all.

I finished two hair products this month. The first is the Macadamia Nourishing Leave In Cream which I have been working on forever! I put this in my hair when it's wet after my shower and it keeps it moisturized while it dries. I love the smell of these products. The second product is Garnier Fructis Flat Iron Perfection which I did really like. I bought it on a recommendation and thought it did a great job of protecting my hair while I straightened it. I would repurchase since it's a nice cheap option for a protecting spray.

I should also mention I finished up samples of shampoo and conditioner while away for a weekend and lost the packets that I was going to bring home to share with you. I guess those were the best things to lose out of everything I brought with me but I was still bummed I couldn't share them with you guys!

I love Lavanilla's Healthy Deodorants. This one is in coconut vanilla and I really liked it! I did try out a new deodorant though and I like it just as much as these so I'm not sure which one I am going to stick with...I love that there are finally healthy deodorants that work great and are all natural!

I finished four chapsticks this month. Three were sugar cookie and one was cake batter. Cake batter is still my ultimate favorite and I'm getting awful close to the end of my stash. It might be just about time to replenish!

Lastly, I finished my floss that I keep in my purse. Kind of a lame empty but I thought it was worth mentioning. This is the Glide floss and I like keeping a container in my bag just in case!

What products did you finish up in May?

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Megan's Bachelorette: Montauk Restaurants, Bars and Breweries

While staying in Amagansett for Megan's Bachelorette weekend we spent quite a bit of time in neighboring Montauk visiting various restaurants, bars and breweries. 

I wanted to share my thoughts on them with you so if you are visiting the area you will know what to expect!

First of all this is most of the ladies from this trip and we traveled in a pack of 15 throughout our meals and pub crawl:

I'm sure we were slightly overwhelming to each place we entered since it was such a large group however if we were going somewhere to eat we did call ahead and/or make reservations so we could be guaranteed service.

Kelsey (pictured above next to me) was not only the maid of honor and sister of the bride but also the architect of the weekend itinerary. She did a fabulous job at planning everything out and my thoughts on the places we went are no way a reflection on the job she did! I'm also not a professional when it comes to food and drink so take my opinions with a grain of salt- I just share to hopefully be helpful to someone somewhere! (And because I like to remember places I've been and things I've done!)

Our Saturday night dinner was the first meal we ate in Montauk.

La Fine is a restaurant located in Montauk Manor. The atmosphere was definitely fancy and the hotel looked amazing with its old decor and rustic feel.

When we arrived one of the friendly waitresses let us know that there was a beautiful view around the back of the hotel and offered to take a picture of our entire group which was so sweet.

The view was gorgeous and it made for a great photoshoot! We headed back towards the restaurant where couches and tables were set up outside. We ordered a round of drinks and settled in to hang out before dinner. This is when the first issue popped up... I ordered a Malibu and pineapple juice and received a glass of rum- not even Malibu rum just regular clear rum. Ellen ordered a gin and tonic and received a glass of gin. Kelly ordered a vodka soda and received a glass of vodka. Very strange...we each got our drinks slightly straightened out and then headed inside for dinner.

La Fine is an Italian American restaurant so I was ready for it to be right up my ally. I love pasta so I knew I wanted to order the penne alla vodka from my first glance at the menu.

I thought it was fine but not anything amazing. I also heard similar comments about other food that was eaten at this meal. Two people had the baked ziti and one was still frozen in the center. We had two waitresses and they were both very sweet but kept forgetting to bring things we asked for. It was definitely an interesting dinner and I don't think any of us would ever return to this restaurant in the future.

Here we all are in the hotel lobby right outside of La Fine before dinner. 

On Sunday we started with lunch at Gosman's Clam Bar. I am not a seafood lover so I was nervous about what I would eat but ended up ordering macaroni and cheese and a plate of French fries. 

My mac and cheese was amazing! I ended up dipping my French fries in the sauce and it was amazing. I heard great reviews from everyone else about their food as well. The atmosphere was awesome as we were right on the water and the service was amazing. We had low expectations after the previous night but we truly did have an awesome time.

After filling our stomachs we headed off on our bar crawl.

The first bar we went into was Salivars. This bar/restaurant had a beach bar feel with all the fish hanging from the ceiling. The bartenders were all efficient and helpful and our drinks were great. The only downside was the small bar and lack of area to stand. They were moving around tables in the bar area which were only available if you were eating and I constantly felt in the way.

Our next stop was O'Murphy's which is the local Irish pub. It was what you would typically expect an Irish bar to be. There was plenty of room for us to hang out in, my drink was great (Montauk Sunrise) however the bartenders were a little rude. I'm sure they were a little overwhelmed with us as well!

Our third stop was a totally different vibe. The Liar's Saloon is definitely the local fisherman hangout and I think they were less than impressed when we rolled in! It was a small one room bar with very little seating or areas to hang out in. We only stayed for one drink and I didn't even have one.

Our fourth stop was the Montauk Brewing Company. As you may know if you read the blog regularly I don't like the taste of beer but I think visiting different breweries is a fun activity! This building was super cute and everyone had great things to say about their beers. I know this would be a place Tim would enjoy and would definitely bring him back to in the future.

Also, any place that allows dogs in is okay with me! Becca was in love with this puppy :)

 Next up was Shagwong which was an old school bar with live music. This bar had plenty of room for us to hang out together and the drinks were made very well. This was one of my favorite stops along the way because it was a laid back atmosphere and you didn't have to yell to be heard.

Finally we went to The Point Bar and Grill which was also one of my favorite stops. This was a sports bar that we had our final drinks of the night. This bar was huge with plenty of seating, tvs to watch any sports you wanted (tough for a New England fan in NY though...) and our drinks and service was great!

We had a great time during all of our meals and our bar crawl and we definitely were able to see a great deal of Montauk!