Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Our Honeymoon: Southern Caribbean Cruise with Norwegian Days 1,2, 3, and 4.

Well, the honeymoon is over....and we had the BEST time! We went on a 10 Day Norwegian Cruise to the Southern Caribbean and absolutely loved our experience. I'm going to be sharing all about our trip in several posts so stay tuned for more updates!

After work on Thursday Tim came and picked me up in our rental car and we headed to New York City! We stayed overnight in the city so we could get to the boat with plenty of time on Friday. 

Tim made all the reservations and handled everything for this trip and he chose a hotel in Times Square called Yotel. It was for sure an experience! If you aren't familiar it's a hotel where you check in and out yourself on a computer and the rooms are very modern. It felt almost like being inside of a space ship.

Our view was pretty awesome though! 

For dinner we went to a small restaurant called The Brazen Tavern. Tim originally had his heart set on getting pizza but we didn't want to venture too far away from the hotel so we settled on this since it was just a couple of blocks away. 

We couldn't decide on one dish each so we decided to split some loaded fries and a chicken bacon ranch flat bread. They were both delicious!

Overall, I highly recommend The Brazen Tavern. After dinner we walked around Times Square for a little bit and then headed back to our hotel to get a good nights sleep!

I snapped this picture in our hotel lobby. How weird is this? Yobot stores your luggage for you. We watched it run one time and it was so strange.

We had a buffet breakfast in the hotel and then grabbed our luggage to head to the pier!

We had selected a 12pm arrival time but arrived closer to 11 since it didn't take as long as we thought to get to the port. Lucky for us they let us through early and we checked in and then sat down for a long wait in the terminal. I have to say that while the wait was very long they keep the whole process of boarding the boat fairly organized. 

Since we were one of the last groups to board the boat we were able to go right to our stateroom instead of having to wait around.

We arrived to a ton of reading material with all the information about the activities for that day on board.

We decided to grab some drinks before our mandatory drill.

Once we finished up the drill we decided to check out the rest of the boat.  We had a drink in the Spinnaker Lounge..

Walked past the unfilled pool....

Then it was time to wave goodbye to New York!

I wanted a picture of the Statue of Liberty so I hung outside in the cold but Tim was being a baby and stayed just inside the door for most of it.

I've never actually been to the Statue of Liberty so it was cool to get this close to it in a cruise ship!

I absolutely love this picture. I also absolutely loved that we were heading away from the cold weather and headed for the sunshine.

For dinner we decided to try one of the complimentary restaurants called Grand Pacific.

Tim and I both had French Onion Soup as our first course then he moved onto the BBQ Ribs while I head a steak. For dessert I chose to the salted caramel chocolate tart while Tim picked the creme brûlée. Everything was delicious and was definitely a great first impression of Norwegian's dining experience!

After dinner we just had a quick drink and then headed back to our room completely exhausted.

The next day we were able to hang outside! We were bundled up slightly but the sun was shining and the air was warmer then it had been in NY.

The breakfast buffet always had some great options but the hash browns were our favorite item to get every morning! We made sure to get them every day and I honestly miss them, they were so delicious!

We started the day off sitting by the pool where some crazy kids were already swimming, a few people were in the hot tubs and many people sat bundled up in chairs.

On this day we also discovered the quiet area at the front of the ship. We really enjoyed sitting up there in lounge chairs.

We spent most of the day just wandering around the boat, relaxing in lounge chairs and grabbing drinks at the many bars. It was a perfect first day at sea.

For dinner we went to another one of the complimentary restaurants called Magenta.

My spinach and artichoke dip was awesome.

Tim had some Spring rolls and said they were great too. I had baked ziti as my main course and can't quite remember what Tim had but we were majorly raving about our meals again.

I couldn't resist getting a Pina Colada since we were on a tropical vacation!

The show for the first night was Duo Du Soleil which featured a husband and wife team who did acrobatics. It was amazing and the two of them were in such good shape! We saw them later in the trip laying outside in their bathing suits so we know how in shape they were!

No pictures were allowed once the show started so we just took this one before the show. We were majorly impressed with our first Norwegian show and couldn't wait to see the others they would put on.

Our first towel animal of the trip, a dog! Our room stewardess was awesome and always left us such cute towel animals. I told Tim that I wanted to start having house guests and creating towel animals for them.

The next day was another day at sea and the pool was full by the time we arrived after breakfast so we headed upstairs to deck 14.

Despite wearing SPF 50 I would get burned as you will see in future pictures.

Deck 14 became one of our favorite hang out because of the quiet area. On this day we sat closer to the pool so we could hear everything that was going on and feel involved.

For most of the day we stayed outside enjoying the warmth until it was almost time for dinner. We stopped at the mojito bar for a quick drink where I enjoyed a coconut mojito before dinner.

We enjoyed our one reservation dinner on this night at Moderno. This restaurant was fun since they brought around different kinds of meat for you to try. It was more Tim's cup of tea then mine since I'm not a huge meat eater and probably would've done better at a restaurant that served tons of different kinds of potatoes ;)

After dinner there was the most amazing sunset and we had to step outside to take some pictures. A nice couple took some pictures of us but they mostly came out super dark.

The most beautiful sunsets are definitely over the ocean. We saw some of the most beautiful skies on this trip.

After snapping some pictures we headed down to the Stardust Theatre for another show. This night Titou the Magician was performing.

He had such a great personality and was so entertaining! We thoroughly enjoyed his show before heading to bed since we had a big day the next day. We had half a day at sea but would be arriving at a port! On Monday I'll be sharing Day 5 of our vacation so I will see you back here then!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Crusin’ Away!

Hey loves!

We are headed off on our honeymoon cruise today and I will be logging off and enjoying every second of it! The good news is I plan on sharing a million pictures and a vlog when I get back! Sit tight and I will see you guys on February 20th!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Spring Cleaning Plan 2019

Hey loves!

Spring is almost here! I'm starting to think about spring cleaning and getting our apartment into tip top shape.  Today I want to share my plan for spring cleaning with you guys in hopes that it will inspire you to get ready for your spring cleaning. I plan on doing a few posts about the cleaning I'm going to do and I'm trying to build up my bravery to create some cleaning videos on YouTube....So we will see what happens!

I've split my spring cleaning list into locations so it's easy to follow along if you want to clean along with me. So here's what I have planned so far:

  • Move fridge and clean/vacuum behind 
  • Declutter all cabinets/drawers and wipe down inside and out
  • Clean out inside of fridge
  • Tidy up pantry
  • Vacuum/Mop Floors
  • Clean out trashcan
  • Wash rug
  • Vinegar rinse faucet/sprayer
Front Hall Closet
  • Remove everything and declutter
  • Scrub closet shelf
  • Vacuum and Mop
Living Room
  • Move couch and clean behind (baseboards and vacuum)
  • Dust all furniture- every nook and cranny
  • Clean out and wipe down seat storage
  • Clean out/declutter baskets
  • Vacuum everything
  • Good scrub to shower, sink and toiler
  • Clean out/declutter cabinet
  • Vacuum/Mop
  • Clean trash can
Middle Room/Office
  • Clean and declutter desk and table
  • Wash out recycling bins
  • Declutter/Clean Alex 9 Drawer
  • Declutter/Straighten Up Jewelry Armoire
  • Wipe down baseboars
  • Vacuum/Mop
Our Bedroom
  • Vacuum out closet
  • Vacuum room
  • Dust
  • Baseboards
2nd Bedroom/Storage
  • Straighten up closet
  • Go through dresser and nightstand
  • Dust everything
  • Baseboards
  • Vacuum
  • Wipe everything down
  • Vacuum
  • Car wash
What are your plans for spring cleaning? Share what areas you're most anxious to get to in the comments!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Our Wedding: The Ultimate What We Bought Where

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I'm sharing a huge post of what we bought where for our wedding. I know that I often am curious where people buy things and I wanted to make sure we shared in case anyone wants to know!

This is going to be a huge post full of a lot of links but just remember I purchased every item with my own money and the views expressed in this post are 100% my own.

First up, my wedding dress. 

I wanted a super simple wedding dress and this dress delivered but also made me feel like a real life princess! I purchased this dress at Alexandra's Boutique in Fall River MA. There is no designer on the dress so I'm not even sure who it's by but I absolutely loved it. Alexandra's has a million different types of dresses so I highly recommend it as the place to shop for your dress. The sparkly belt came on the dress as well and I absolutely loved the sparkle.

I purchased these robes from the Etsy shop the fancypidgeon. The listing for them is here. I ordered seven blush robes with letter embroidery on the front for each of my bridesmaids and one white robe with "Mrs. Gooding" on the back for myself.

Also my earrings are shown in this picture and they were also purchased at Alexandra's Boutique during my accessories appointment.

My hairpiece was one of my all time favorite parts of my outfit and was purchased at Alexandra's Boutique. My hairdresser Kayla made it work perfectly and I wish my hair looked like this every day!

All our bouquets were fake! They were purchased from and the exact link is here. I ended up cutting the two little buds off the top and no one was the wiser. I was adamant about not spending money on real flowers and I'm so glad I stuck with my gut and saved that money.

Also in the picture you can see our wedding bands which we purchased on James Allen. It's also where my engagement ring came from!

The girls all bought their bridesmaid dresses at David's Bridal. The dresses I picked for them were in steel blue and can be found here.  I thought the color was gorgeous and the length was perfect since they didn't have to worry about the dress flying around like crazy in the wind.

Our place cards were sand dollars that my mom purchased I believe at Christmas Tree Shop. I used twine that I found at Michaels and printed every guest name on cardstock on our own printer.

This Happily Ever After Starts Here sign came from either Marshalls or TJ Maxx. During the summer there was a whole wedding section which was great to browse!

Our programs were just printed on cardstock at home and the teal and white basket came from Target.

We had a few chalkboard easels that we used for various signs and they were all purchased at Michaels. I found that Michaels was a great place for many wedding items! I would highly recommend checking it out if you plan on doing any DIY projects.

Tim's suit was custom made through Jos. A Bank. He picked the color, style and everything with a stylist named Jack who was awesome. He also bought his shoes and shirt from Jos. A Bank but ordered the ties and pocket squares for him and his groomsmen from The Tie Bar. 

The Mr & Mrs sign came from Marshalls/ TJ Maxx and was one of my favorite decor pieces. The starfish that were scattered throughout our ceremony were picked up by my mom from The Christmas Tree Shop. 

The centerpieces were made of pieces from Michaels. The vases and sand came from Michaels and the white unscented candles came from Walmart. 

In background you can see my sparkly clutch which came from DSW. I loved it and honestly thought it was worth it to hold my lipstick and phone throughout the night.

See those yellow dice? They were purchased from Amazon and were great for the game we played. If you are looking for oversized dice these are definitely inexpensive and worth it.

Our ring bearers carried these briefcases from The Knot which I absolutely loved! Their sunglasses were purchased by Tim on Knockaround.

All of the groomsmen wore suits that were rented from Jos A. Bank. Their ties and pocket squares were from The Tie Bar.

The flower girl dresses were purchased from Target and all three girls looked so adorable!

The flower girl baskets came from Amazon. The listing for them is here and I loved how simple they were. The girls seemed to enjoy carrying them around and filling them up with sand and dumping flowers out of them.

Our favors were Photo Booth photo magnets that I found on Amazon. They were great and people really seemed to like them! We also have a ton of leftovers so that means we can put all sorts of photo booth pictures on our fridge.  

Our table numbers were printed offline and placed in frames that I found at Kohls. I picked the color Robin's Egg Blue and thought they looked great with all the other blues and beachy colors we had going on. 

Our cake came from Scrumptions and our white cake stand came from HomeGoods. I am glad we had a super simple cake stand because it really made all the sand crumbles stand out!

The trays we filled with sand and used for our place cards all came from HomeGoods during a very lucky shopping trip!

The frame on the table held one of our engagement pictures and came from Marshalls/ TJ Maxx.

Our guestbook was made from a family friend who has her own Etsy shop.  I love it and am so glad we had it made!

Our cardbox was made by my brother and I purchased the decal for it off Etsy. 

I have previously posted a couple Wedding Hauls which you can find here and here.  In these posts you can see closer up shots of everything that we purchased.

If you are looking for what shoes I wore during the ceremony you can see them in this post.  If you are looking for the shoes I wore during the rest of the night you can see them here. During that post I also shared the container we used for our guestbook markers and a closer look at the chalkboard signs. 

I also previously shared the gifts I purchased for everyone in the following posts:

I think that's everything! If you are looking for anything else revolving around our wedding you can find every post I've ever written surrounding it here. If you have any questions about anything feel free to leave me a comment or e-mail me, I'm always happy to answer :)