Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Christmas Decor Inspiration

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far! We have some exciting plans this weekend we are currently preparing for. Make sure you are following me on Instagram (@balancingonmytoes) so you can see what we are up to.

This past week it seemed that most of the YouTubers I follow shared either Christmas Decorating videos or Christmas Decor Shop With Me videos, talk about getting me in the holiday spirit! If you know me you know that I tend to skip right over Thanksgiving because it is not my favorite holiday. I am all for being thankful and spending time with family but I'm sick of the orange color scheme and ready to move on to glittery Christmas!

If you are looking for some serious Christmas decorating inspiration then check out the following videos:

Alexandra Beuter---> This girl has been my favorite recently! She has the sweetest newborn boy and just went shopping for Christmas decor for her first time apart from him!

Love Meg-----> Megan always does an amazing job going above and beyond on her Christmas decor and she has the BEST cleaning videos.

Beauty & the Beastons----> Tiffani is an awesome YouTuber and I admire how she takes care of her family and gets so much accomplished every week!

Brianna K-----> I just love Brianna! She seems like such a sweet person and makes amazing cleaning videos.

Those are just four videos to get you started but there are so many out there, I spend WAYYYY too much time on YouTube.

On Sunday I got the chance to run into Walmart to grab some groceries (side note: grocery pickup has been my life lately with the new puppy. I don't like to leave her if I don't have to since she's alone while we are at work all going inside a store besides Home Depot and Petsmart feels like a luxury!) and of course I headed into the Christmas aisles!

I pulled inspiration from Love Meg's video while I was there. She bought garlands to decorate her mantle and the ledge above her living room and put a lot of other items on the garland as well. I loved this idea and although I don't think mine turned out as well as hers I made an attempt above my kitchen cabinets.

I honestly am not a fan of decor over cabinets in general. I prefer cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling and that's how I would design cabinets in any future renovation or house that I build. We generally don't have any decor up there but I decided it might be a fun way to incorporate decorations especially since it's an area that Sophie can't reach. I also am not a fan of the cord hanging down but since we don't have an outlet above the cabinets there isn't a whole lot I can do about that. 

Everything up there I picked up from Walmart. It's a simple lit garland, poinsettias, and gold sparkly pics. I wish it was a little bigger of a garland so it showed up a bit more behind the lip but overall I'm happy with it. I'm sure I will keep messing with it until I love it.

These little bottle brush trees came from Walmart as well and I stuck them on the ledge between our kitchen and living room for now but I'm not sure if this is where they will stay. Sophie can now jump onto the couch and I think she might find them enticing! 

The last thing I put up were these little window decals I put on side door. It's hard to see in the photo but it says "let it snow". Since we are not going to put a wreath on this door I thought that window decals would be fun!

I've already ordered a few things for Christmas decorating that I can't wait to share with you. I'll be sure to keep you updated and do a full Christmas decor tour once everything is complete.

Now as for more Christmas decor inspiration, I am definitely turning to my favorite Instagram accounts, Bloggers, and Pinterest! I love MyTexasHouse over on Instagram because she has the most beautiful home and decorates in a lot of white which I absolutely love.  I wish that we could keep all white everything clean in my house but I don't think I would be able to do it. Erin has a dog and three kids and somehow manages to keep her house beautiful, she seriously must be magic. Anyways, her Christmas decor is absolutely stunning and I wish my house could be as gorgeous as hers! 

I also love Erin over at Sunny Side Up. I've been reading her blog for years and I also follow her on Instagram. She has a gorgeous house as well and her decorating is always flawless. I love the aesthetic she goes with and am always impressed with how her house turns out.

I've been scouring Pinterest the last few weeks looking for ideas for outdoor decorations and have really liked these:

I like the idea of decorating our mailbox this year since it's the first time we've ever had one. This picture I found on Pinterest  is an idea but I'm thinking of doing prelit garland running up the post and my mom picked up a mailbox topper for us as well. I'm excited to show you how it turns out!

I would love to have something like this someday but our front steps are super skinny. I am going to wrap prelit garland down our stair railings and possibly hang a wreath on the door but I'm not sure what else I'll do with the front yard!

I love this front door! I would definitely do something like this if I had the space outside! 

This is also beautiful! I would never be able to fit lanterns on the front steps though! 

I purchased a new artificial Christmas tree this year since our old one has seen better days. I would love to do a themed tree but we have so many ornaments from our life and travels I like to include those!

I would someday love to have multiple trees, but this year I think we will be hiding the tree in our office so Sophie can't get to it or the gifts.

Here is some gorgeous tree inspiration for you...

I love then the most frequent color on the tree is white, it just pops so well. I may be incorporating this in our tree this year, we will have to wait and see what I come up with!

I'd love to know what your plans for Christmas decorating are this year? Do you have a theme or just a collection of decorations that you have collected over the years?  Also, are you ready for Christmas shopping season or have you already completed all your shopping? I'm about halfway done right now!

Have a great rest of your week and weekend everyone and I'll see you back here next week when I share all about the fun weekend we are going to have! (Remember to follow on Instgram @balancingonmytoes)

Monday, November 11, 2019

IKEA Entertainment Center Update

Happy Monday! Today we are sharing our new entertainment center! 

Our living room has been equipped with an old unit I bought years ago (back in 2014 I posted about buying the Ikea baskets inside here, and when I built it here) but it was time for an update. We had gone to Ikea weeks ago and picked up our new entertainment center but hadn't gotten the chance to build them (I mean Tim hadn't gotten the chance....)

Here is Sophie showing off the old system with the baskets she was trying to tear apart. We knew we needed to move quickly before she really started going after them.

So Tim got to work!

Sophie was a ton of help as usual! we chose the Havsta cabinets from IKEA which I think look great! I had gotten inspiration from Alexandra Beuter on YouTube from her entertainment system but we didn't have the wall space for all the cabinets she has. So we ended up just picking up two of them but I love how it turned out!

Tim also drilled some holes in the back so we could get wires through. 

Now we have two cabinets that close and hide our items while also prevent Sophie from getting into anything! I think it's much more functional for us and we are loving it so far. Now we just need to mount the tv!

What project should we do next around here?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Life Lately

I can't believe it's already November! Where has this year gone?!

We have been so busy lately, the days are flying by and although I wish they would slow down I am enjoying every second with family and friends.

I'm going to share some pictures of what we've been up to lately. This was out front porch throughout the fall and I've been loving having outdoor decorations. I can't wait to change up the front steps for Christmas and am holding myself back because I know Tim thinks I'm crazy for putting up Christmas decor in November....I'll wait at least a couple more weeks! Anyways, back to the fall decor! I loved having mums and pumpkins out but the mums have started dying and the pumpkins will rot soon enough. Every time I'm outside I look at our gardens and think of all the changes I want to make, but it will have to wait for the spring!

Brittni's family hosted their annual trunk or treat! We picked our costumes based solely on what we could dress Sophie up as. When we found the dragon costume on Amazon and then easily found Jon Snow and Daenerys costumes we had our plan! Sophie's dragon costume was a XL (for small dogs) but didn't really fit her in length, so we put it over her head and front legs and it kind of just hung off her. We learned this past weekend that she weighs almost 10 pounds more than she did at her first vet visit so it makes sense this didn't fit her!

What a cute little family I have! We also had the best time seeing everyones trunk ideas and costumes. Sophie also loved all the attention from adults and kids alike! She is also super well behaved and we loved being able to bring her along for an event like that.

Recently we spent a Sunday morning visiting our friends Graham and Angela. They have two dogs and an almost one year old son, such a busy household! We went over for a puppy playdate and Sophie absolutely loved it! She was a little apprehensive at first, but Tucker and Jake weren't too interested in her so she liked running alongside them and playing inside their fenced in yard.

I see many puppy playdates in our future!

We also celebrated Tim's birthday with a family dinner. Sophie got to meet her cousin Attie and they were a little nervous around each other but seemed to get along with each other by the end of the night!

Sophie did so good with all the dogs and people that particular weekend, I was so proud of her! 

Did you expect me to post about anything other than my dog? Good news, on Monday I'm sharing a quick living room project that we did recently, but my dog is also in those pictures :)

If you are as obsessed with my dog as I am then you can check out her instagram SophieTheGoldendoodleGooding where I share pictures like the above one!

On Halloween we had trick or treaters! Neither of us lived in neighborhoods and really experienced trick or treaters coming when we were younger so it was a whole new experience for us! We had about 50 and I bought wayyyy too much candy but we had so much fun!

At work the other day these were the trees and they were just so beautiful I had to snap a picture!

We have been having a lot of outdoor time lately, just playing in the yard. Sophie digs holes and rolls around, while Tim and I plan out what we want the yard to be eventually.

This is a tree in our yard that I don't really love. It's a Siberian elm and I'm not a huge fan, but Sophie loves it and loves to hide underneath it. If that doesn't convince me to keep a tree I don't know what will.

Last Friday night we met up with Derek and Ally at Whalers Brewery and Sophie loved it! Dogs are allowed in the brewery and she ate up all the attention. There were a few other dogs there and it's always fun to talk to other dog owners because we are all obsessed with our babies!

I also got to see our friends Doreen, Mike, Jess and Kyle! They all gave Sophie a ton of attention and she was the happiest girl around.

She's the cutest thing, I'm not biased at all! 

She didn't feel at home at all......This dog feels at home everywhere. She's so sweet!

On Saturday we headed up to the Raduazzo's for their Halloween party! Megan was back from California and I was so happy to see her! Tim and I couldn't stop saying what a great time we were having and we wished we could've stayed and hung out with everyone longer!

Such a fun night and how cute is their basement bar? This is what Tim wants to set up in our basement someday. 

Sunday was Tim's birthday! We celebrated with a super quiet day and it was so nice to spend time at home just relaxing. I can't imagine a better gift than Sophie's kisses, right Tim?

Seriously, if you're not already convinced she's the cutest dog on the planet..... you're wrong!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Sophie's First BarkBox

Being the obsessed parents we are, Tim and I decided to order BarkBox for Sophie! 

We had heard from friends that their dogs absolutely loved BarkBox and when we visited them Sophie enjoyed carrying around all the plush toys they had amassed from the many years they've been receiving the subscription service.  I think I was more excited for this box than any subscription box I've ever received! I told Tim that he was not to open it if I wasn't there and I'm so glad he listened. 

Sophie was very interested in the box from the minute I put it on the floor. I had been told that all dogs know when their package arrives so they must spray it with something over at BarkBox!

How cute is that little face?! Waiting so patiently for us to open her box.

Sophie couldn't contain herself once the box was open, she immediately started pulling out toys!

This month the theme was Frankentoys. Sophie received several monster pieces that can be put together or played with separately. Sophie has loved them and the sounds they make. Between the crinkling sounds and the squeaks she has been having the best time running around with them.

You can see some of the pieces here. We have kept them apart because it's just more toys to play with!

Here she is again, moving too quickly for the camera but another view of her new toys.

In addition to toys she received two bags of treats and a chew! The chew was gone in minutes, so she clearly enjoyed it. She has also loved the bags of treats, we are still working our way through those. One it small peanut butter treats and the other is salmon and kale.

Overall this BarkBox was amazing and we will definitely be continuing with our subscription!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Our 1st Anniversary Weekend!

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary! I can't believe that it's been a full year since we got married, it feels like it was only a few weeks ago. I am so proud that we've bought a house and added a new family member in that time. 

We celebrated this weekend and I wanted to share with you guys what our celebrations consisted of.

They were mostly Sophie centered if we are being honest. On Saturday morning Sophie had her first vet appointment (with us- she had previously been with the breeder and was only TWO pounds!). She did great and didn't even notice her shot! After we finished at the vet we headed to a local dog store called Fetch. 

It was a great day to go because they were hosting a trunk or treat and giving away a ton of free samples! We picked a few things up for our fur baby, visited the trunk or treat, took her picture, and tried some agility training! She had a blast and we can't wait to go back and visit again. I highly recommend Fetch if you are in the South County RI area. 

After Fetch we stopped by to visit our friend Emma at her family farm Shickasheen Farm. We picked up some mini pumpkins and mums for our front porch. Emma took the above picture and it came out adorable!

Then we headed over to Newport where we got married! We wanted to walk on the beach with Sophie and show her where we got married.

We haven't been back to the Rotunda since our wedding day so it was so nice to walk on the beach on a gorgeous day, it was exactly like our day one year ago!

This is where we stood during our ceremony and it's was so great to stand back in that same spot.

I love this picture of our little family. 

This little girl brings us so much joy.

We went to Diego's for lunch. The crack fries there are absolutely amazing and Tim and I both enjoyed our food and Sophie enjoyed a few bites too!

She was so sweet and loved getting attention from everyone!

Look at those crack fries on the left, have you ever seen anything so delicious looking?!

Overall it was an amazing day with my little family and I am so happy to have spent my anniversary this way!

What did you do this weekend?