Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Post

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my first blog post! This blog is about my day to day life with some other aspects thrown in as well.

Today I walked in my first 5K (not quite up to running it, but walking one was definitely a start!). The race I chose to attend was The first annual rainbow race which was a local event in memory of a girl who went to the same high school as me. It was a wonderful event!

My mom was the one who initially informed me of this event and of what a wonderful cause it was for... I was immediately game for walking the 5K and took the day off of work back in the fall to ensure I would be able to attend!

I invited my best friend, Rachel to come walk with me which she did. She also brought her boyfriend Ant who is so much fun, so I had a blast walking with the two of them all morning.

When we went to line up at the beginning of the race, my mom took off to walk with her teacher friends and left us in the dust! However, Rachel and I were determined to catch up and pass her...and pass her we did ;)

Unfortunately it started raining in the middle of the race, but it was a great time and no one seemed to let the rain bother them!

Here are Rachel and Ant during the walk... (sorry for the blurry picture!)

Rachel and I getting soaked.

We finished the 5K!

Rachel and Ant after the race.

Rachel and I after the race.

My mom and I after the race.

My mom and all her friends.

After the race, there was food set up all over the place. I was starving so I grabbed a banana and a strawberry bar I had never heard of and can't remember the name of for the life of me! I also grabbed a water bottle which I quickly gulped down!

There was a band set up from a local church, raffles, and tons and tons of people! Despite the rain everyone hung around for a little while which was great and wonderful supportive!

I offset my healthy eating with a coffee and double chocolate donut from Dunkin Donuts soon after the race...which was equally as delicious as the banana I had!

My goal is to next time run a 5K, then maybe by next year I will have that mastered and be able to run the 10K that accompanies this 5K walk....we'll see! =)

Have a great day everybody!

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