Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glee Finale

So I finally caught up on the Glee finale. I just finished it and am crying right now which isn't all that weird for me but I think the ending was so incredible depressing.

A little spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't watched it yet...but Finn and Rachel break up. Well sort of. He "lets her go free" and sends her off on a train to New York and he goes off to the army. The whole moment where he runs along the side of the train literally broke my heart in two pieces. I know the writers had to do something with them since he didn't get accepted to school and she did but I think it could've been handled in a way that didn't make me completely depressed.

Yes, we all know Rachel will be okay and that she will achieve wonderful fame and will be so happy in NY, but everyone who was a Finn and Rachel fan I'm sure died a little inside when they watched both of them cry over breaking up.

Besides the chasing after the train part, the other worst part was watching everyone in the glee club hug Rachel goodbye at the station. It's been two years since I graduated college but goodbyes hurt so badly! I had a hard time watching everyone get so upset saying goodbye. I was a little bummed they briefly touched on the other characters and where they were going, Santana to NY, Mercedes and Sam to LA, Brittany has to do another year because she flunked senior year, Puck passed, Quinn to Yale, etc...Where is Kurt going without his acceptance? I guess I'll have to wait till next season to find all that out...

Why do I get so upset over tv shows? Clearly these characters aren't real. Judge me if you want but I can't help it!

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