Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oreo-Buttercream Cupcakes and BFFL Birthday!

Today, I had something super important on the agenda...visiting my Papa! I had never been to his new condo, and I was surprised that it was more of a house then a condo! It was so nice to see him. I went to lunch with him and my mom at Applebees. 

I made lunch my big meal today and had the three cheese penne from Applebees. It was delicious! I love talking to my papa. He was a professor at URI and has traveled all over the world so he has so many interesting things to say. 

After I left Applebees, I headed up to Guilford, CT to visit my very best friend, Rachel! Since Rachel's birthday is this month and she will actually be in Disney World for her birthday, I got a little crafty with her present this year. I decided to make her a Disney survival guide. Since she opened it, I can now share the pictures of the making of her gift too! 








Above are all the items I bought, as well as a little tag attached to each one explaining what it was for. I thought that this year I needed to get a little creative with Rachel's gift. We have been friends since 6th grade, so I was starting to run out of original ideas!

After Rachel opened her present, we chatted for a little while before heading out to a restaurant in Guilford called Splash.

They covered the table with plain white paper and gave us a tower of crayons to color with! It was nice to feel like little kids again as we colored while waiting for our food. I ate a chicken ceaser salad wrap with kettle chips on the side. I was unable to eat the entire thing because I was still so full from lunch!
But I did leave room for dessert.....

Rachel and I each picked out a cupcake to take home. She opted for the red velvet cupcake and I picked out a oreo cupcake with buttercream was delicious!

Happy Birthday Rachel!!!!

Blowing out her was the best we could do!

Yum! It was delicious...I definitely want to go back to Splash for another in the near future!

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