Friday, May 18, 2012

Pudding/Granola Snack

Happy Friday!

Today I had a normal morning at work and arrived home to eat a delicious lunch.

Does it look familiar?! I'm a little boring and often get obsessed with a meal and continue to eat it until I get sick of it! So there it is again my chicken salad and salad mix wrap!

So far it's been a nice relaxing afternoon. I watched the 2 hour Glee episode from Tuesday night which was awesome! I had been kind of been not too interested in Glee lately...but this episode made me so excited. I almost teared up at the end of the episode and cannot wait to see next weeks!

I decided to mix up a little snack and I was absolutely CRAVING chocolate. I knew the best way to fulfill this craving was to open up a fat free pudding but I also knew that it wouldn't fill me up. So I mixed a Chewy granola bar into the pudding. It was a nice little chocolate fix!

Now I'm off to watch the season finale of Hart of Dixie which I've heard is really good! Then it's back to work and then I'm taking a zumba class tonight!

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