Monday, May 21, 2012

Return of the chicken salad

Monday's are definitely not as much fun as the weekend! 

This morning was the last time I have my little preschoolers because their program ends the last week of May but we won't have class next Monday because of Memorial Day! It was sad to know it was the last time to play and talk with them since a bunch of them head of to kindergarten in the fall! I will still have them for gymnastics but not for preschool!

For lunch today I made another chicken salad sandwich but this time I stuck it on a roll rather than a wrap. I also opened up one of those portion controlled bags of chips. This is the only way I can manage to eat the right amount of chips. If I open a huge bag I will just attack it! It's so bad!

Yum! It was delicious!

So tonight is The Bachelorette which I am reallllllly excited for! I have work tonight but then will be heading back to Megan and Hannah's house for their last night in their house! Both of them will be moving out of their rental tomorrow. Megan is heading home to Easton and Hannah will be moving to Newport and I will miss them terribly! Hopefully we can find something fun to do watch the Bachelorette?!?! =)

Have a good night everybody!

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