Monday, May 21, 2012

Saturday Recap

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was insane and flew past without even one minute to blog!

On Saturday I worked for a few hours and then had to rush straight into town to buy flowers for one of my students! I only had an hour between finishing work and getting to her recital so I really had to rush my lunch.

I bought a turkey grinder from Stop and Shop (my grocery store of choice), a water, and a candy bar!
I had just survived a tough week at work and decided that a candy bar would be the perfect treat! =)

I then headed off to the show where my student did an AMAZING job!

Later in the evening I headed off to my co-worker Doreen's house and had a great time hanging out with her. Then our other co-worker Steph arrived with her boyfriend who was visiting from North Carolina! We enjoyed chatting with one another and having a couple of drinks! I stayed there until almost midnight and then came home to get a full nights rest for the next day!

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