Friday, May 18, 2012

Stress and Anxiety

Oh my goodness, I finished zumba about an hour ago and I am still feeling warm! I had a wonderful workout with all my fellow zumba-ers (is that a word..?) My zumba teacher, Laura, definitely kicked my butt tonight!

When I left class, I was so hungry I couldnt wait to eat until I got home so I enjoyed a granola bar on my short little ride home! Can you tell by how red my face is that I was exhausted and sweaty and gross?!

Of course I forgot to take a picture of what I had for dinner! My weight watcher rigatoni with vodka sauce meal was delicious! I had a piece of toast on the side and drank an entire bottle of water. (my 5th one today!)


I wanted to take a few minutes on my blog to talk about stress and anxiety since it is a huge part of healthy living. I have always been extremely anxious and stressed. Even when I was younger I remember being so anxious I couldn't fall asleep at night. I now have my stressed managed by don't think that it doesn't sneak up on me from time to time. I am currently prescribed anxiety medication to help me deal with the stress in my life which is of course an option some may not take. I also like to make sure I get exercise everyday to let out frustration. Now I also have worked on being patient with other people and taking deep breaths and REALLY listening to what they are saying. When I go to bed at night I simply focus on falling asleep and how tired I am. I used to just let my mind wander but that led me into trouble and I would end up staying up all night writing down things I didn't want to forget, making lists, and worrying about things beyond my control. 

Overall I believe that anxiety is not worth dealing with your entire life that's why I chose to take control of mine and have honestly been happier everyday since then! 

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