Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Fun!

Sunday started off with some errands...nothing too exciting, other than getting a new case for my iPhone which made me a very happy girl!

In the afternoon I headed to Connecticut to attend my cousin Annabel's bridging ceremony. She was a daisy and is now a brownie!

She is the sweetest little girl and I was so proud of her! We enjoyed a nice pizza dinner after the celebration. They also had quite a few desserts but I managed to stay away from those...somehow!

As soon as I got back into Rhode Island, I headed off to Narragansett for my friend Hannah's graduation party! She graduated from URI yesterday with a Bachelor's Degree in Education. Congrats Hannah!

I was a little late for the party so most everybody had already left Megan and Hannah's house, but I did manage to take a few pictures.

Megan's sister Kelsey showing off her work jacket...

Andrew and Megan

Me and Hannah (the graduate!)

Megan and I

They had platters and platters of food. I loved the guacamole dip and ate a bunch of that, had a few bites of chocolate cake and offset it all with some fruit! Megan's dad makes a delicious Rum Punch that I need to learn the recipe for. I will have to ask her because it is delicious but definitely also gets the job done if you know what I mean!

I finally headed home around 11:30 so I was able to get to bed and get some much needed sleep before work the next morning!

Overall it was an amazing jam-packed, fun-filled weekend!

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