Sunday, July 15, 2012

Past two weekends, Outfit of the Day, and Cord Organization...

Last weekend I went on a mini-adventure with my mom and dad. My dad took out the paddleboard, and my mom and I both took out kayaks. It was my moms first time in a kayak so it was a lot of fun teaching her how to paddle her way around!

Skipping ahead a week...this morning I went out to breakfast with my parents and Roxy! A restaurant near our home, Gentleman Farmer, allows dogs in their outdoor section so we brought Roxy along. She enjoyed sitting and watching us eat!

Then we headed to the beach...

This afternoon I went to a birthday party for my friends Kristin

We've been friends for 10 years! Crazy!

Her kitten Apricot was getting a little fresh!

My outfit of the day! The dress is from Kohls Lauren Conrad Collection. My shoes which you can't see are Kohls SO sandals in white. I love this outfit, especially the dress!

I wanted to talk about Alex and Ani's briefly...the trend is starting to grow across the country. It all started in my little state of Rhode Island and now everyone seems to have them! I absolutely love wearing my bangles and I keep buying's such a bad habit! =)

Today I spent a few minutes organizing a small area of my room. My bottom nightstand drawer was full of cords and manuals and an absolute disaster.



Not the best, but much better then the original mess it was! I moved my manuals into my filing system and moved some of the other items into storage bins in my closet. It's nice to have just a small area clean and organized before a new week starts. 

I have so many areas I want to organize and so many ideas for my living space. And I keep reading which is giving me so many ideas to organize! 

Well I'm off, I have some work to get done before bed and I'm feeling really sleepy tonight!

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