Friday, August 31, 2012

Home Front by Kristin Hannah

I recently finished another Kristin Hannah book which I absolutely loved! To keep up with what I'm reading follow this link and see my GoodReads account. I think this website was amazing because you can not only keep track of books that you've read, are reading, or want to read but you can also keep up with what your favorite authors are reading and writing.

I have a huge to-read list on this site and definitely update my list often since I am always hearing about new books to read from friends!

Anyways, the point of this post was to recommend a book to you called Home Front by Kristin Hannah. She is without a doubt one of my favorite authors. Her stories are always based on the same themes; love, family, home but each novel has a different story that makes it unique and wonderful.

This particular book was written about the the Iraq war and a female helicopter pilot. She is going through some tough family drama when she is called to deploy over seas. This novel not only follows her journey but also depicts what is going on back home so readers can understand what the family goes through as well!

I would highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for a good book!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Birthday Party..

Last week I went to one of my best friends step-sisters birthday party and had a great time!

Her little sister, such a cutie!

Who kept letting balloons fly away!

Smores! Yummmm

I LOVE their fire pit.

Love the having one of these someday!

Brittni and Jenna

Myself and Paul

<3 my FGB

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recently in the Garden...

The end of summer is quickly let's enjoy the gardens and flowers while we can!

A mix of flowers from our garden and from a local flower farm

Beautiful flowers growing in our garden.

Working on taming the jungle...

Blurry but a dragonfly...

Looks so much better! Still lots of work to do though!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mom's Birthday!

For my mom's 55th birthday, we had a fun celebration complete with a day on our boat and a nice dinner out as a family. Later that night we also watched The Hunger Games which I gave her on DVD. 
Here are a few pictures from the day....

Monday, August 27, 2012

Martha Stewart Organized!

I put my Martha Stewart organizing supplies to good use! Today I'm going to show you what I did with my small accordian file that I recently bought from Staples.

Isn't it beautiful!

So, I decided to use this as my recipe file. I am not really a cooker or baker but I figured I might as well do something with all the recipes I've been pinning on Pinterest lately! =)

I labeled all the sections for different holidays and different meals.

A closer look at the labels.

In this picture you can see all the index cards are located inside the file. 

For each recipe I highlighted the title and wrote all the ingredients on one side of the index card.

And on the other side I wrote the directions!

I am very excited for my little recipe book. That way I can attempt to become more domestic =)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last week at work

Last week at work...

a few animals were brought in for the kids to meet! There were turtles, a baby alligator, and even a boa constrictor that I got to boss has the picture of that though...I will prove it soon hopefully!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shopping again...

First, check out the beautiful Vera Bradley bag I bought the other day at a local store! The pattern is called Summer Medley and I think it's to die for! I saw this bag and knew that I needed to have it despite the fact that was not on sale!

On Saturday I went shopping with my mom and bought a ton of things! We stopped at Staples, JcPennys, and Pier 1!

Our first stop was Staples where it was Teacher Appreciation Day. I was so excited because my mom has a teachers rewards card even though she is retired and she did not want the bag or items inside so by default it became mine! I also got really excited by the Martha Stewart office and organization supplies which I WILL be back there to get more! I bought a small accordian folder which I am going to use to keep all my recipes organized. I also bought a notebook, recordable DVDs, and a few gift cards for Christmas gifts.

Next, was JCPennys where I bought a shirt not shown in the above picture and the pink flowered sandals for $12!!! What a deal. I love them and was so excited.

Last but not least was Pier 1. I contained myself a little bit in this store instead of going nuts with all the fall decor. I would've loved to have bought more but I don't want to rack up my credit card when I don't actually have a house to decorate yet.... so I bought the little scarecrow who is SO cute. I also bought some ghoul goo (hand sanitizer) to keep in my purse all October. I also bought another Christmas gift which I can't share in case that person stumbles across this blog because they will know it's for them!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Washington County Fair

This weekend I went to a local fair, the Washington County Fair.

My friend Brittni's little sister won a blue ribbon for a drawing she made =)

I watched a  Casey James show for a little while..

And ate some fair food! Yummy doughboys!

My fair outfit!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ready for Fall =)

I recently placed an order at and got my order in the mail the other day!

First of all, I absolutely love getting packages in the mail so I get excited as soon as I see a box waiting for me at my house! I was especially excited to get this one!

I definitely took a leap of faith ordering these products since I had not actually smelled ANY of the scents. Crazy right? Well apparently not because I love them all! I had heard WONDERFUL things about the Leaves candle and though I haven't burned it yet, it smells delicious! The soaps were all sniffed and then stuffed away in my bathroom drawer. Once September hits, I will pull them out to try each and every one! 

Exciting stuff going on around here!