Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Day of Organizing!

Woah what an afternoon.

I have been organizing all day, which is not completely uncommon for me but I was surprised by the amount of progress I got done today!

It all started off with a messy desk cupboard...

This space had become kind of the catch-all for my envelopes, cards, computer cds, and other equipment. I was never exactly sure what to store here, I used to use it as a bookshelf but have decided against that for several reasons.

So then I took everything out....

Laying out some of the things on my bed, sorting and organizing.

During the process, attempting to sort everything and place it the way that I want...

Final product. Much less cluttered. I removed several items that I wasn't using. I also took all my thank you cards and stuffed a card inside each envelope so when I need to send a card out I can just grab one of the envelopes and it is already all set up and ready to go!

The top shelf: computer cds, blanks cds, blank dvds, and to-do list notepads.

The bottom shelf: cards, address labels, envelopes and stamps.

I also went through all my clothes today...4 bags of clothes to donate!!! I went through everything, tried everything on and got rid of a LOT of stuff. It feels so refreshing to sort through everything and make some room in my closet! =)

I also went through all my files in my bottom desk drawers and threw a bunch of paper in the shredder. There were a ton of files I just didn't need anymore that needed to be tossed. 

I am off to do some more sorting and organizing! 

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