Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Charlestown Seafood Festival

I have been volunteering at the Charlestown Seafood Festival since I was in high school and this year was no different!

First, I watched the dance team from my dance studio perform during the festival.

They did a great job in their performance and there was quite a crowd watching! I was in charge of the music so I had to watch from the back but still enjoyed watching all the girls I taught when they were younger!

Then, I headed over to the beer tent to start my volunteer hours......

Rachel and I volunteering- the first time we've volunteered together in years!

Brittni and I, and Steve photo-bombing.

Ant and Steve

Brittni, Rachel, and I...blurry which is annoying!

We always love to give Brittni kisses because she hates them so much!

Steve and Brittni, apparently he can kiss her but we can't!

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