Thursday, August 16, 2012

Christmas Gifts

My name is Melissa and I am one of those people who Christmas shops all year long.

Phew. Now that my confession is out of the way and you all know what a weirdo I am, I can continue. I am constantly buying things for Christmas gifts, and this year I started right after last Christmas. I went to the after Christmas sales and found some great deals on Christmas decor items to give as gifts for the following year.

Kohls always has amazing deals and is definitely my go-to gift store. There are always so many items to look through and often you can find small things after Christmas for only a few dollars!

Since I shop all year long I obviously can't wrap them all this early or I would have presents stacked all over my room and people would think I was crazy. So I had to find a way to store them.

This isn't the perfect way to store gifts but it works for me right now!

Right now I have a small bin that fits under my bed completely jam-packed with presents. I recently started a second place to put presents that is on the right in this picture. It is the package that my comforter came in. I like that the bin and bag both close to keep the presents from getting dusty and ruined. It is nice to be able to collect these things throughout the year and not worry about anything happening to them. 

How early do you start your Christmas shopping?
Where do you store your Christmas presents?

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