Friday, September 7, 2012

A tour of my jewelry armoire!

I was always the girl who had a jewelry box. A few years ago I adjusted and had two jewelry boxes. Then one broke and I was back to one. My poor jewelry box was jam packed, it was insanely difficult to find anything I was looking for and half of my jewelry lived on either my nightstand or dresser top because it never seemed to find its way home.

In the spring a dear friend entered my life and forever changed me.....

My jewelry armoire!

This is a quick tour of my jewelry armoire to show you how I have it organized and set up and hopefully give you an idea of what to do with all your drawers if you have one of your own! My armoire is from the Hayworth Collection at Pier 1. They have a whole collection of furniture including a headboard/footboard, vanity, dresser, etc, etc...

Keep in mind that when I am giving you a tour of my armoire I am not in any way saying "Here, take a look at all my rubies and pearls" to be completely honest, I don't even own a single piece of jewelry from Tiffanys! (Waiting for Prince Charming to come along and bring me that one) All of my jewelry was either gifted or purchased by me and the majority of it has come from places such as Wet Seal where each item costs less than $5. I get a lot of my clothing and jewelry on sale as well and rarely pay full price for anything. I also don't own any real pearls or rubies. =)

Without further ado...

When you open the top.....

You will find all my rings on the left and stud earrings on the right. I keep my pairs of earrings together but as you obviously can tell from this picture they get shifted quite often!

These are all of my rings! Quite a few of them I have gotten out of diamond candles.. visit their website here. In each of their candles is a ring which can be worth all different amounts. Unfortunately all of mine say "made in taiwan" or other places so I'm guessing mine are all $10 rings. Bummer.
I also have my Claddaugh ring which I love, a few rings my mom passed down to me, a few that I got from my grandma when she passed away, my class ring from high school, and a few cheap-o rings I like to wear as accent pieces!

Here are my stud earrings. A little glare-y in this picture but most of them are fake pearls or fake diamonds. I have a lot of different shapes: flipflops, strawberries, etc. All fun!

This is what my armoire looks like when it is open. I love that I can hang my necklaces on these hooks so they don't get tangled up in a drawer!

This side has a lot of my fun accent necklaces. I believe that the majority of these were purchased at Wet Seal over the years. I love wearing them with a tanktop or nice shirt to dress up and go out with friends! The key necklace is from a small shop in Mystic and I love it and wear it often!

This is the other side. These necklaces are a little more delicate. I have chains with charms on the end and also quite a few necklaces that my aunt made for me as birthday and Christmas gifts. She is very talented!

The first drawer of my armoire contains my silver dangly earrings and silver hoops. I choose from this drawer almost daily because I find these earrings the most fun! I purchased these at Kohls, Wet Seal, Francescas and other stores!

These earrings are my dangly ones that are not silver. They have some sort of colored embellishment on them. This drawer I go into when I'm trying to base my outfit on a certain color or style.

The third drawer is a deep drawer and I hold some of my bracelets inside. I have everything from charm bracelets to cuff bracelets, to a livestrong bracelet.

This fourth drawer holds some other bracelets, my Wet Seal watch, my Pandora charm bracelet, and bracelets that my aunt made for me.

The fifth drawer holds my fake pearls, pins, some more delicate necklaces with charms on them, and my sunglasses. In the box is a pin made for my great grandmother and also some coins that belonged to my great grandfather. Very precious family items that aren't worth anything to anyone else but would be irreplaceable to me!

Hair clips, ribbons and head bands dominate this drawer of my armoire. I LOVE headbands in case you couldn't tell. I need to stop buying them...

Speaking of forcing yourself to stop buying things...I should also stop buying lotion....this drawer is JAM PACKED! I honestly couldn't fit another bottle in here! 

So there you have it, my jewelry armoire! I honestly adore it and love that i have room to continue buying jewelry because I never want my outfits and accessories to get boring!!!

Have a great day everybody =)

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