Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cleaning my brushes...

I often discover new organization and cleaning blogs and read them in my spare time...because that's how cool I am. Recently I was reading about cleaning hair brushes and makeup brushes which I am embarrassed to say how long it has been since I actually cleaned these items! So I rounded up my brushes and took them down to our huge laundry room sink and started cleaning!

First I filled up the sink with warm water and johnson and johnson baby shampoo and stuck my hair brushes inside to soak for about 10 minutes. I did flip over my brushes after this picture was taken so they got clean on the bristle side.

All my dirty makeup brushes.

Love this shampoo!

After the brushes soaked for 10 mins, I washed each makeup brush one at a time by squirting a little bit of shampoo on the bristles and then rinsing it off with warm water. I let them all dry on paper towels for the rest of the day and they were good as new!

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