Monday, September 10, 2012

Closet Tour

Today I am giving you a quick tour of my closet!

I am extremely fortunate to have a HUGE closet. It was built by my father who prefers to shop at Job Lot for his clothing so there are definitely many changes that I wish I could make. Also, since I am back living at my parents house all of my kitchen supplies from college are all boxed up in my closet. That of course takes up quite a bit of room!

Here we go!

I have a small shoe rack that holds all my high heels. I also have a pair of ankle boots that live here, gladiator sandals and clogs. My clogs are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had!

Above my shoe rack I have towels (both bath and beach), a bin full of gift wrap items, my card boxes, photo boxes, and sheets.

Next up my purse section! I have all different types of bags on here as well including shopping bags, backpacks, and beach bags!

My pink crate holds all my flat shoes. I have lots of flipflops and other sandals and a few pairs of flats in here as well.

Then my boots are all lined up. I <3 boots.

My clothes are all organized by type and then color. In this picture are: Sweatshirts, sweaters, long sleeved, short sleeved...

More short sleeved, work shirts, tanktops....

Tanktops...Dresses, skirts, coats!

Above my clothing is my extra bedding...

Travel Bags, snowboarding gear, a cotton candy maker.

Some random things: jewelry cleaner, humidifier, bucket, games, clutches and wallets.

Some extra throw blankets, a holder with scarves, a holder with bathing suits and hats.
Scrapbooks, and two bins with all my sleep shirts!

Hanging on the door are two purses I like to use when I go out for the night and don't need a HUGE bag!

The bins on the right hold all my Christmas decor and my childhood items such as stuffed animals I can't part with! In the back poking out behind them is all my old dance costumes and old t-shirts I want to eventually turn into a quilt. I also have a chair that I wasn't really using in my room so I just stuck all my build-a-bears and other stuffed animals I don't want to get rid of. I am such a sucker for memories!

On the left side of the chair, I have TONS of kitchen things. There are also decor items in these bins that I don't want to get rid of but I don't have a place for in my bedroom. Also at the bottom left you can see my pile of clothes to go to the salvation army!

Of course not everything fits in my closet so this is my dresser where the rest of my items are! Maybe someday you'll get a tour of this! =)

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