Monday, September 24, 2012

Dance Masters Teachers Rejuvenation!

On Sunday I went to an event run by my local Dance Masters chapter. I have been a member of Dance Masters of New England (Chapter 5 holla!) since January. I successfully tested into the chapter and have had a great experience so far!

The event that was being held was called a Teacher Rejuvenation and was for anyone 18+ who wanted to attend could come, along with all the chapter members. We had some great classes: Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Improv/Choreography, and Preschool Work. I had an amazing day but the last class of Preschool Work was definitely my favorite of the day! =)

I went with my favorite co-worker Doreen.

 Doreen and I get along so well because we are so similar! We both are so organized and love working with kids so we get along really well which always makes things fun when we get to hang out!

Also, I ran into Kelhan who is on the same dance company that I was a part of in college! It was so nice to see her and I didn't expect to see her so it was a nice surprise! =)

During the day, a representative from Capezio dancewear came to promote some products. All attendees got "swag bags" (love that word!) When I opened mine I saw I only had a pen and a business card  and was really bummed...until I found out that if you had a business card inside your bag you were a winner and got to pick something out of their catalogue! I was super excited and actually already e-mailed the representative to ask if I could get new tap shoes with my winnings! I am still so excited because I never win anything! =)

I can't wait to get my new tap shoes! However,  I left with a brand new Dance Masters water bottle, an ugly swag bag, and a pen...and of course my member ribbon! 

And as if that wasn't enough of a day, after I got home, I quickly hurried to a 2-year old birthday party as it was ending to drop off a present to Sammie!

I gave her a book called "How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight" and had to read it to her before I left. She was so excited and kept talking about how big the dinosaurs in the book were, it was adorable!

Have a great day everybody!

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