Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Day of 5K Runner Training

Today was my first day of following the 5K Runner app.

*Waits for applause*

Although finishing just one day of this program isn't anything completely life changing, I am still proud of myself and am hoping to stick with this program which lasts 8 weeks. It recommends that you alternate running days and rest days but I'm unsure exactly how I am going to follow the plan yet.

First off, this is a free app you can download from the Itunes app store right onto your Iphone. I forget where I heard about it, but it is really cool. I listen to music as I run and whenever the app wants me to change from running to walking a voice comes over the music and tells me what to do. I've named the man who tells me what to do Steve (as in Steve Jobs- even though I'm 100% positive it is NOT his voice telling me what to do).

My first workout looked like this:

I started with a 5 minute walk, then alternated for 15 minutes with 1 minute runs and 1 1/2 minute walks. I had a 5 minute walk at the end to cool down.

Overall this workout was not anything terribly strenuous. I did not find myself having a hard time completing the 1 minute runs, I actually found myself craving running at the end of each walk and was surprised when I finished the workout because it was over so fast.

The only time I had a hard time was on the way back home, my runs seemed to always be when I was heading up a hill, it was like the app had timed it perfectly!

Overall it was a great workout and I feel really refreshed. I am proud of myself for completing day one and can't wait to complete day 2!

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