Sunday, September 16, 2012

Glee Premiere and Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah

Today I want to talk about two different things, first up: The Glee Premiere!

SO, I have been a Gleek since day one. Lucky for me, my college roommate was a member of show choir in high school so the minute she saw a preview for Glee was set on making all the roommates watch the show so we could understand what she did in high school. Obviously Glee is a little bit different then her show choir was, but we were all immediately hooked on the show and I have been watching ever since.

I was nervous to start this season because I truly loved Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Kurt, and Puck. I didn't want any of them to leave the show and was really unsure of how the writers were going to make me love any new characters. I have to say that I much preferred watching Rachel in New York over watching what was going on back at McKinley but I enjoyed the whole episode overall. I especially loved Kate Hudson's role, what a mean lady she played! Being a dance teacher, I loved that! =)
I can't wait to see what happens next week, I hope some of the other characters come back for guest appearances, especially Finn.... =)

Also, last week I finished the book I was reading, Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah.

I had a hard time getting into the story initially, I didn't care enough about the characters at first because immediately once the novel started an accident happened. I needed a reason to root for the characters. I soon found it. I became so attached to these characters and couldn't believe I hadn't felt that way from the start. I found myself nervous for the outcome and honestly didn't predict the ending at all. I was nervous all the way until the end of the novel. I also saw a small connection between Angel Falls and Home Again, Val, one of the characters I had previously read in Home Again made another appearance in Angel Falls. It made me really excited that I have been reading all the Kristin Hannah novels and that she threw in connections for readers to catch onto. I would recommend this book, it definitely wasn't one of my all-time favorites but I did enjoy it. If you start it and don't immediately fall into the story, don't give up you just need to stick with it for a little bit longer and you will enjoy it, I promise! =)

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