Sunday, September 30, 2012

Haircuts and Shopping

This morning I woke up before my alarm (which hardly ever happens) and was able to spend some quality time with my DVR! I watched the season premiere of Criminal Minds, a show that I have watched on and off since it began. Criminal Minds is one of those shows I cannot watch when I am home alone or watch when it's dark out. I get very creeped out by the situations and killers! eek =(

Soon it was time for me to run to the hairdresser. My hairdresser, Kayla, is the sweetest girl in the world. I actually graduated high school with her so it's always nice to go and catch up with her. I arrived at the hairdressers looking like this:

And left looking like this:

I think my favorite part is getting my hair washed, dried and straightened. I also love how it feels afterwards and I don't have to worry about styling it for the rest of the day.

When I got home, my mom asked if I wanted to go shopping with her at Kohls (my favorite store). We had a great time looking around for bargains- I ended up picking up a few things for gifts and a few accessories for myself. I also picked out what I'm getting for my birthday from my parents =)  I'll have to wait to share those things with you on Wednesday....

I bought two belts:

this one by Relic...
Relic Braided Belt
and another one I can't find a picture of on the Kohls website.

I also bought two pairs of earrings by Lauren Conrad, one in the shape of starfish, the other pink flowery studs. 

I also bought some gift sets with this shower gel inside:
Scentsations Fiji Escape Shower Gel

It smells so good, and the sets were only $5 which will be great for gifts next spring/summer.

Finally I bought some Danskin yoga pants for work, and also got a little something for my mom for Christmas =)

Well I'm off to enjoy some relaxing time before going to my family birthday dinner!

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