Friday, September 21, 2012

Inspiration, Goals, and a lazy lazy dog!

Roxy moving a little too fast as we left the garage.
Yesterday I left off when I was about to take my favorite little girl for a walk on a beautiful day! Roxy loves the IDEA of walks. When you simple mention the word she bounces off the walls so excited to embark on a little adventure. She is our line leader- booking her way down the driveway. For the first quarter of a mile she does pretty well, stopping often to sniff or pee as she marks her territory all up and down the street...

Line Leader Extraordinaire.

However, within a few minutes she has slowed to a crawl and it's as if I have to literally drag her by her leash in order to get her to move. Needless to say, a walk with Roxy is NOT a workout by any means and more often then not I end up carrying her up most of the driveway. (Maybe it's a workout for my arms..?) Once I put her down however, her second wind kicks in and she takes off, looking back like "Comeon you guys! Why you so slow?!"
(Disclaimer: I am not racist in any sense of the word, I love everyone equally but since Roxy is a Shih tzu and they originated in China, I often give her a broken American- Chinese accent)

"Why you so slow???"

 We did enjoy some beautiful views, I live in such a beautiful place and am very lucky to live in the middle of nowhere!

Overall it was a nice walk with my favorite little girl!

Always looking at something else....

Pretty blue flowers we found on our walk.

This is where the "Scruffy Varmitt" lives. A long-going joke with my mom and I.

Absolutely exhausted! "I need water!"
After our walk, Roxy could be found hiding out in her favorite hiding spot. She hides under the coffee table and seems to think no one can see her under there!
"I am the best hide and seek player ever.."

"How'd you find me?!"

Last night I worked later than usual, and definitely worked myself until I felt completely sore. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on the blog before but I teach dance and gymnastics. Last night I was spotting a teenage tumbling class so my whole body is sore from throwing kids around all night.

I also was super excited because my best friend, Rachel, called me as I was on my way home!  I hadn't gotten a chance to chat with her on the phone in a while, but it was so nice to catch on all that is going on in our lives. I am luckily going to see her next week at some point (or potentially this weekend if plans allow it) so it will be nice to see her!

This morning I had a hard time getting out of bed due to a little lazy girl...

She looks wayyyyy too comfy don't you agree?!

However, I forced myself out of bed and outside to go on a run. 

Now here's something I have to admit: I am NOT a runner. I wish with all my heart that I was just one of those people who could lace up their sneakers and run miles and miles, but I'm not. I get tired REALLY quickly, I have no stamina, and I want to give up just about every second I'm running. So clearly I'm starting off from square one. I'm hoping that this blog can follow my training and hopefully someday follow a race story?! =)

This morning I ran/walked one mile. It's not much but hopefully a start to this journey I'm embarking on....

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