Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last week recap

Last week was a very busy week socializing and enjoying a nice vacation! 

On Tuesday I headed up to Massachusetts to visit with my best friend from college, Megan. She lives near Patriot Place so she took me there to have dinner and shop! Believe it or not it was my first time ever going there! 

We had dinner at CBS Scene which was delicious. We both had "Bikini-tini" drinks which were full of coconut rum and some lovely juices. We also both had penne alla vodka for our dinner and then shared a brownie sundae. It was a delicious dinner and I also had a great time catching up with one of my best friends! =)

Also this week I was lucky enough to go to the beach twice with two wonderful friends! On Thursday I went and had a lovely beach day and lunch date with my best friend Rachel. She lives about an hour away from me so it is always so nice to see her and spend time together! We went out to lunch at Applebees and I had a the 3-cheese chicken penne which is always delicious! I also got to sneak some of Rachel's meal because she got the appetizer platter and there was plenty leftover!


On Friday I went to the beach with my favorite work friend, Doreen. We had a great time discussing work and our lives. Her oldest daughter just headed off to college and although she isn't far away, she is having to deal with the adjustment of having one child out of the house. 

Overall it was a wonderful week seeing friends. Then this weekend I went shopping with my mom. This is the particular shopping trip where I bought my new planner =) I also purchased several Christmas Cookie Yankee Candles on sale which will be great to put with people's presents. I also bought a Christmas ornament for my dad, and a few greeting cards. I can't wait to send out my Halloween cards! I also got a very funny card for my brothers birthday which I am excited to give to him. My mom and I also went out to Panera Bread for lunch which is one of my all-time favorite places to eat. I always always always get the same meal but enjoy it so much I can't help myself.

Anyways, I will be going back to work this week. Back to teaching dance and gymnastics. I am very excited to see all the kids that I have missed so much this summer. I can't wait to get back to Dance Masters of America and attend dance conventions and seminars. I am very excited for fall. Fall holds all kinds of new possibilities. I also kind of view September as the start of a new year just as if I were still in school. 
I cannot wait to get to get back to work because life is always better when I am busy. However, I am unsure how this blog will get along when I am working six days a week and most likely busy on that seventh day. I hope to continue because this blog is a great outlet for me and I truly enjoy coming up with ideas for it and writing. I am thinking it will probably be similar to what I do now, where I write all my blog posts on a Sunday and set them up to publish throughout the week in order to keep new posts coming throughout the week.  We will see!

Until then, I'll leave you with this little collage of happiness.....


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