Thursday, September 20, 2012

Middle of the week slump

Oh Thursday. This week has been moving along at a slow pace, I can't wait for the weekend!

Yesterday started off with a few hours of work in the morning and then back for a yummy salad for lunch. Originally this salad started off a ceaser salad mix but I decided I wasn't in the mood for croutons or ceaser dressing so I changed things up! I cut up some carrots, threw in some chicken and shredded cheese and topped it all with Kraft Thousand Island Dressing (love in a bottle- for reals).

I also had a delicious dinner last night: simple and yummy- spaghetti! Spaghetti brings me back to childhood, I always picture kids with sauce all over their chins. If I choose my pasta, I will often choose penne but this spaghetti tasted good last night!

I also ate some watermelon before I dug into my pasta. I have found that if I eat watermelon before I eat my meal it cuts down on my appetite and I don't consume quite as many carbs! I am 100% a carbs girl, I love my pasta, bread, anything that is filling! In my quest for healthy living I need to definitely work on substituting other foods in place of carbs in my diet!

Also helpful: Drinking 3+ water bottles a day! I mean who doesn't love to pee all the time?! =)

On another note, look how cool the sky was last night!!

There were all these pink clouds scattered in between the trees. I can't wait till my skyline pictures include the colored leaves. I LOVE fall, one of the biggest perks of living in New England. As much as I will complain about the snow and winter and how much I can't wait for summer, it is always a big relief to see the leaves change colors and the weather get cooler =)

This blog post is getting long so I'm off to bring my dog for a walk before heading back to work for the night!

Have a great day everyone!

What's your favorite season? How do the season changes affect you where you live?

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