Monday, September 3, 2012

New planner

I want to start this out by saying I LOVE my planner!

For years, I have tried out many different planners. I used to use the "Plan Ahead" Planners and really liked them...that was until I found Lily Pulitzer.

The planner on the left above is last years planner. I absolutely loved the colors and pattern but unfortunately it was about time for a change. The pages were getting worn and the planner was almost ended anyways. So the other day when I was in a local shop, Zero Wampum I saw this blue planner (the one to the right) I couldn't resist getting a new one!

I love these planners because not only are they jam-packed with sections providing lots of room for writing in daily events but also includes fun sayings throughout the pages and STICKERS! Who doesn't get excited about stickers? I know I do!

I would highly recommend these planners, they fit perfectly in my purse along with the hundreds of other things I keep stored in there. Hello Mary Poppins! =)

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