Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Finale

Warning...spoilers ahead...

The Pretty Little Liars finale last week was amazing, yes? Let's get down to business!

Toby as the "Betrayer" was the single most surprising thing that I have discovered this season. I was slightly tipped off after Spencer and Toby had their little special moment together..the look in Toby's eyes was almost scary so I knew that something had to be up with him but I hardly suspected that he was part of the A-team!

I didn't care about the Nate-Maya-Emily thing, it was such a small part of the overall storyline and I am so glad Nate is gone he was just a weird extra character. I was surprised that Paige had nothing to do with all that happened in the finale and that she was simply a victim but I think the writers had been pegging her with everything so that we would think that's what was going on. I did feel awful for Caleb and I do hope he ends up okay in the end. I think he should be fine despite Hanna sobbing and sobbing at the end (and beginning) of the episode.

My predictions for next season: I've heard a lot about people thinking that Toby is only part of the A-team to save Spencer but I'm not sure I  buy into that. Toby always HATED Alison, I'm not sure that he ever really got over that. Seeing him and Maya team was a little surprising but when I thought back on it, it does really make sense!
I think they will also reveal more about the A-team in the future. I also wonder if the show will be anything like the books (which I haven't read but heard a ton about) and deal with Alison having a twin in a psych-ward or something like that!

Anyways, I am very excited that it will be back for a Halloween special in October because I know I wouldnt' be able to wait until the next season starts without something new! Oh how I love this show =)

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