Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Start of Birthday Week

Wednesday night was the beginning of my BIRTHDAY WEEK! I have a long-standing tradition of stretching my birthday celebrations out as long as humanly possible. Of course this year it had to continue by starting a week early! 

I got out of work and headed to Waterford, CT to meet up with my best friend, Rachel for dinner and some shopping. We had a lovely meal at Olive Garden. Both of us got the never-ending pasta bowls and also enjoyed breadsticks and salad. We also both tried signature cocktails which we really enjoyed! Rachel had the Italian Margarita which she liked a lot and I chose a Venetian Sunset which had pineapple and cherry juices. It was delicious! =)

Afterwards we found a really nice man to take our picture outside the restaurant. I have a story about asking people to take your picture....but I'll get to that later!

After dinner we headed over to the Crystal Mall and poked around Christmas Tree Shop and Bed Bath and Beyond. I just HAD to purchase a few decorations....

I bought a few of those stickers for windows and mirrors. I stuck them on my bedroom mirror and my bathroom mirror. I also bought the little Hocus Pocus pumpkin which looks so cute!

My bookshelf with my birthday card from Rachel and my pumpkin!

Rachel told me that I would be getting an e-mail about my present...and so I did!

I'm so excited to now be a member of BirchBox and get the subscription...I have a sneaking suspicion that I will continue to subscribe even after my gift subscription ends =)

I also finished day 2 of my 5K Training.

Does anyone else's face get unbearably red after exercising? Mine always has even as a kid. It also turns red when I get embarrassed or really nervous. I've always hated it but unfortunately it's not something I can really change at all!

My exercise plan for day 2 started with a 5 minute walk, then 20 minutes of 1 minute runs and 1.5 minute walks, followed by a 5 minute cool down. Just like with day 1, I didn't feel overly exhausted by the runs and always felt as if I could run for a longer period of time. I hope to get my next run in either tomorrow or Monday and continue on this fitness plan!

My playlist for this workout consisted of:

Loser Like Me- Glee Cast
All The Small Things-Blink 182
DJ Got Us Fallin In Love- Usher
SexyBack- Justin Timberlake
Firework- Katy Perry
If Only- Hanson
Without You- Glee Cast
Moves Like Jagger- Maroon 5

The rest of my week has basically just involved working and reading, I started Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn on Thursday and wasn't able to put it down! Book review to come sometime in the near future...

For the story I promised, one of my mom's friends has a daughter who is studying abroad in Paris. She asked a stranger to take a picture of her and a friend with her iPhone and the guy ran off with her phone! So a word to the wise, be very careful who you ask to take your picture! I try to always ask someone who doesn't look like they could run away too quickly, or a family with young children since they can't get away too fast with those kids around! =)

Finally a little dash of cuteness for ya'll on this rainy Saturday night!

Enjoy your weekend!

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