Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time Management Binder

So...browsing one of my favorite blogs,  I discovered a GREAT idea! 

Here is my very own, Time Management Binder. I designed mine slightly differently then Erin did so it works for my own needs.

These are the tabs I included in my binder. Some you cannot see in the picture because some of the pages blocked the tabs in the back.

  1. Week at a Glance
  2. Shopping For
  3. Bills To Pay
  4. Future Projects
  5. Birthdays
  6. Random
  7. Christmas
  8. Inventory

In my Week at a Glance section I have included...

my to-do list

a monthly calendar...

an ongoing list of items to donate...
along with my weekly itinerary and an ongoing list of blog topics!

Shopping For includes..

a master shopping list, scrapbook supplies shopping list, a list of holiday decor I eventually want to purchase for when I own my own house, and a list of books and movies I would like to read and watch.

Bills to Pay is exactly what it sounds. A list of my current bills, what I have paid, what is upcoming, and the balances on all my credit cards.

Future Projects has a list of the projects I want to complete in the future.
One of these projects is to create quilts from my old dance costumes. I also want to make a URI quilt with all my t-shirts from college. I am not sure yet if I want to learn to quilt and actually create this project myself or find someone to do it for me...

The Birthday section of this binder is really just that. I have a page for each month and underneath the month it lists any birthdays of friends and family in that month.

The Random section has a multitude of things. I have a list of style ideas, a list of products I've tried and love, the fall schedule of tv shows and some magazine clippings from fitness sections.

Christmas holds a list of the ideas I have for Christmas presents, what I have actually purchased, and then my official list (selected and purchased). I also have a list of stocking stuffer ideas that I compiled from many articles online!

And inventory. Well this is a little embarrassing to share but I keep an inventory. Every time I buy something new I simply add it to the list and every time I donate something I cross it off. This a good way for me to keep track of what I have. I also think of it as when I move I can make sure that I didn't lose anything in the process. My family thinks I'm nuts. I think I'm just super organized!

That's all for my Time Management Binder! I hope that it may have helped some of you crazy organized people out there!

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