Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekend Project

This past weekend, I finally completed a project that I've been working on for quite a while now! I am a little OCD (well, obviously) and it really bothered me that I when I went into my closet all my hangers didn't match. Some were green, some were black, some were white, some were was a disaster. Of course my family (and most normal people) could care less if all their hangers match but it was something that bothered me terribly!

Something else that drove me  crazy in my closet was how my purses and other bags were stored. They were all hanging on one rack and in order to get one in the middle off, I had to take them all down. So I needed to solve that issue right away, enter Pinterest. I had noticed on Pinterest that people have been using shower curtain hooks as purse holders so I decided I wanted to implement that into my own closet!

I did my shopping for this project at Walmart. Low prices for items that I won't put a lot of wear and tear on. I bought simple white shower curtain hooks for this project and purchased two packs.

I also finished up my purchase of Walmart's plain black hangers. I have bought several packs recently. This packs of 18 cost less than $2 a piece, very cheap! 

Here is the label, there are 18 hangers in each pack.

As I replaced the hangers, the old ones got tossed in a pile on the floor. Look at all the different colors, so mismatched!

Ahhhh.....look at that... I can't believe how much simpler it looks!

Other side...Of course there are a few silver hangers for hanging skirts...I still think it looks so much better!

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