Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5K Fitness Challenge Day 9

Today, I completed Day 9 of my 5K Trainer! It was HARD! I had run the previous two days on the treadmill and I definitely need to get out on the road more often then I have in the past week. I think the fact that I live in an extremely hilly area makes it a huge a difference between running on the treadmill and running outside. I was definitely struggling at the end. I may attempt to complete the same run next time I go out just so I know I can complete it successfully and not worry about moving onto the next step right away.

I was excited though because today included 3 minute runs and I honestly believe that 3 weeks ago I never would have been able to run for 3 minutes straight. I still can't imagine running for a full 5K but I still have 5 weeks of training left to go! It's also 5 weeks until I actually run my 5K which is a little scary, especially since I'm running with people from work who have run a 5K before. I just want to be able to complete the 5K and complete my goal!

So here is what my training plan looked like today:

Todays playlist consisted of:

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift
Without You- Glee Cast
Get Right- JLO
Glam- Christina Aguliera
Just Dance- Lady Gaga
Oceans- The Format
Barely Breathing- Glee Cast
Back Here- BBMak
Only Girl In The World- Rhianna

After my run, I munched on some apple slices.

Lately I have been absolutely loving red delicious apples. I've been snacking on them constantly either with peanut butter or without. They have definitely become one of my favorite snacks and are great because they fill me up.

Finally, check out my new sweatpants I've been lounging around the house in constantly. They Say "Love Dance. All Day....All Night" I got them on Sunday at the dance convention and absolutely love them. Is there anything better then brand new sweatpants before they've been washed? They are so soft on the inside. Love, love, love!

I'm off to take a shower and then do some major cleaning around the house! Have a great day everybody!

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