Monday, October 1, 2012

5K Training Challenge- Day 3

Day 3's training looked liked this:

5 minute warmup walk
1 minute running/ 1.5 minute walking 8 times
5 minute cool down walk.

This workout took 30 minutes and was only made slightly difficult today because I was feeling extremely sluggish. It took everything in me to get out of bed and complete this workout.

When I finished however, my app awarded me a badge! Check out my determination badge at the bottom of the picture:

During my runs I always listen to music and it drowns out everything else. I've been known to dance during walks when I have my headphones in because I only hear my music and forget the rest of the world is going on around me. During my run today I heard a loud noise which startled me even though my headphones were blasting in my ears.

Guess that's what I get for living in the county. I'd also like to point out that I also pass cows on my run...and if I went the other direction I would pass sheep. We definitely don't have a loss of livestock near me!

I stopped to take this quick picture, but my run was mostly dominated by my playlist, not animal noises!

5K Training Challenge

Day 3 Playlist

One, Two Step- Ciara
Last Friday Night- Katy Perry
Only Girl In The World- Rhianna
What Goes Around Comes Around- Justin Timberlake
Thinking of You- Hanson
Hurricane- Something Corporate
Never Grow Up- Taylor Swift

Finally check out what I did to my arm after my run.

I went to throw my stanky clothes in the washing machine after my run and scratched my own nail up my opposite arm! Guess that's what you get for quitting biting your nails- a weapon!

I quit biting my nails on New Years Day 2011, the year after I finished college. I hated the habit but had bitten them down to stubs for as long as I could remember. I attempted to quit every new years but never quite managed to get very far, then 2 years ago I somehow managed to stop, so now I have nice long nails! I love to paint them and try out different colors and they are so much more fun then my old bitten nails. 
Have you ever completed a New Years Resolution?

This was the only one I have ever completed!

Have a great day! =)


  1. I rarely make new years resolutions! I like to make goals for myself that are continually changing and updating depending on what I accomplish :)

    1. That's a great way to do it! I recently started doing that and it definitely makes me feel like I accomplish more!

      Thanks for commenting! I love your blog btw! =)