Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All signed up!

This morning I did something pretty exciting....

I signed up for my first 5k!

East Greenwich Turkey Trot!

I am super excited because I truly think that setting a date will force me to continue with training plan and allow me to be successful. Honestly my only goal for this race is to simply finish it! I want to run the entire thing without stopping and show myself that I can do it! =) A little less than 2 months of training to go!

After breakfast I took my baby girl for a walk...she wasn't too motivated of course...

I love the weird positions she sleeps in, whenever she's in my bed she likes to completely sprawl out and act as if she's a person.

We saw some signs of fall on our walk

But then one of us threw up. And the other one had to carry that one home.
Can you guess who?

Poor sick puppy =(
She seems okay now but she looked awful sad when we got home. 

I'm awful to snuggle up with my baby, then off to work later tonight.

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