Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bad Runs, Smoothies, and Slippy Headbands

This morning wasn't anything blog worthy- a big ole bowl of apple cinnamon cheerios and 4 hours of dance/gymnastics teaching, pretty normal in my world!

After work, I headed into Stop and Shop because I had to pick up some chapstick that I am addicted to- (Burts Bees of course)- and noticed in the beauty section some thicker headbands so I figured since I've been following the 5K plan so well I deserved some new headbands to wear while working out!

I like the look of these headbands but my entire run I was constantly adjusting it because I felt like it was slipping backwards. The gray band shown in the above picture came in a Goody pack with 3 others- red, black and white. I probably will still wear them but it may be time to invest in bic bands.
I really like the glitter bands that are on their site and am considering asking for some for Christmas! =)

So once I got home I made myself a big salad using a Mediterranean salad mix, chicken, cashews, cheddar cheese, and thousand island salad dressing.

 It was delicious- and definitely a great way to get veggies, protein and some sweet tastes in my system!

After my salad- I dug into my candy I bought yesterday but only allowed myself to snack on THREE of the gold coins. 

Chocolate coins have always been so intriguing to me even as a child. I'm not entirely sure why because I don't always think the chocolate inside of them is the best and apparently they're typically known as a Hanukkah candy- and I'm not Jewish. I always found myself trading candy with my brother so I could have his and begging for them at the store. Now as an adult I even pick them out- still not sure why! 

After letting that settle I headed out on todays run, which looked like this: 

5 minute warm up
3 minute run
2 minute walk
5 minute run
3 minute walk
5 minute run
3 minute walk
3 minute run
2 minute walk
5 minute cool down

I'm not going to lie to you guys- I didn't do the entire 5 minute run when it came around the second time. I ran and walked and ran and walked and ran and walked. I felt like there was no chance I could complete it. I will be attempting this particular run again on another day because I need to make sure I can do it before I move onto the next step. I want to push myself but I definitely know when I've hit a wall and my body won't want to run anymore.

At least the rest of the run went well! The first 5 minute run wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be and the 3 minute runs felt like nothing. 

There I am halfway through my run at the "tunnel". The trees make a cool tunnel over the road and thought I would take a picture of it and attempt walking backwards...

When I got home I immediately made Roxy spray me with the hose...

Bitch please- I'm busy.
Just kidding. Like she would do that for me- puhlease! The princess was much too busy demanding attention and getting angry with me for walking right past her to get a bottle of water. 
After some sloppy dog kisses I made my favorite smoothie

The bag says it makes two smoothies- but I always just drink the whole bag because I figure that I can use a full cup of fruit anyways =)

So yummy!

My face gets SO red after I exercise- I wish there was something I could do to change it! Oh well, at least I CAN exercise and for that I am extremely thankful!

Now that I've just turned this blog post into a novel I hope everyone has a great day! =)

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