Friday, October 5, 2012


Sadly, the lasagna and chocolate cake are now gone. Between the four people living in my house, we have defeated both items and it's back to regularly scheduled dining for all. Boo.

I managed to get quite a bit done today however. Between paying bills, cleaning, and putting outdoor furniture into storage I have stayed pretty busy. I also had time to try a little trick I've been dying to use from Pinterest.

I always save my old candle jars. I figure they can be used for something and I am notorious for putting TONS and TONS of shells and beach glass inside them and displaying them around my room. However, it is such a challenge to get all of the wax out of them! I saw a little trick on Pinterest that suggested boiling water and pouring it into the jar. I then let the water cool and all the wax floated to the top!

It worked like a charm, and now it is holding all the wine corks I've been collecting to hopefully make something Pinteresty with....

Something very exciting came in the mail today!!!

My Birchbox!!!

With all those goodies inside! I've already painted my nails, and can't wait to use the other products too. I will have to review them all for you guys!

Well I'm off to teach a few classes tonight. I also teach tomorrow morning and then it will be a  2  1/2 day weekend for me!

Any exciting plans this weekend?

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