Sunday, October 14, 2012

Birthday Ice Cream and Trouble With the Curve

Good (early) morning everyone!

I am up super early this morning because I have a dance convention to attend today in Massachusetts and will be getting picked up in about a half hour- I thought I would attempt at getting a blog post done this morning since I have been awful at posting lately! I literally did not stop moving yesterday long enough to write a post.

I taught class yesterday morning and then ran around like a chicken with my head cut off doing errands all over town. When I finally did get home, I had to complete my run for the day because I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity today.  Here are the stats:

5 minute warmup walk
1.5 minute run
1.5 minute walk
2.5 minute run
2.5 minute walk
2.5 minute run
2.5 minute walk
1.5 minute run
1.5 minute walk
5 minute cool down walk

Once again, I didn't feel much of a challenge, but maybe because this was a run I completed on the treadmill. I need to get back outside, I'm hoping I'll have the opportunity over the next few days because it's supposed to warm back up around here.
I'm just not too fond of the idea of running outside in the freezing cold when I can use my treadmill in my warm house! I'm such a baby =)

After my run, I had to clean myself up and get ready to go because my friend Brittni, came to take me out to dinner and a movie to celebrate  my birthday (belated). Her friend from work Jenna also joined us which was really nice. We headed up to Warwick and decided to try out Red Robin because none of us had been to the one in Rhode Island, only in other states. 
Overall, I thought the menu was very lame. I am not a burger person, the texture of burgers really freaks me out and I have never been able to eat one without feeling sick. I opted for their Chicken Sandwich which was good, but not great.

Our waiter changed my whole experience however when he brought out this:

Apparently, he overheard that it was my birthday, but nicely chose not to embarrass me by getting everyone to sing to me. 

I obviously had no problem finishing it!

After dinner, we all headed off to the movie theatre to see Trouble With the Curve. It was a great movie and I highly recommend it. When I went into the movie what I really hoped would happen was Justin Timberlake taking his shirt off and that he did- so I was happy! ;)

The storyline was very cute too. Amy Adams is a great actress and obviously Clint Eastwood is a legend in himself. I really enjoyed the movie and I would recommend that anyone who is looking for a feel-good movie to go see.

I hope to go see Taken 2 soon, although that's a slightly different type of movie! =)

Anyways, I'm off to get some things done around the house before I have to leave for the day. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of your weekend!

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