Friday, October 26, 2012

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!

I had an amazing run today- I honestly didn't feel like it was that difficult. Maybe it was because of my running buddy...

Yeah no- not her.

She wouldn't make it 5 minutes =)

My daddy ran with me! He mostly walked, but it was nice when I ran to have somebody to walk back to and talk to during my workout! We talked about how we'd like to fix up our bikes and bike around the area. He also thinks that he could bike along beside me as I run-which would be nice! 

This is what todays run looked like:

5 minute warm up walk
3 minute run
2 minute walk
5 minute run
2 minute walk
5 minute run
2 minute walk
3 minute run
2 minute walk
5 minute cool down walk

I'm 1/2 to 5K!!!

My reward? A sweenor's chocolate bar! yum yum yum.

Then I got started baking with mom- ready to bake some more yummy treats.

I have a few events to go to this weekend, one of which being a Halloween party- so I attempted to make some witches hat that I saw on Pinterest! Aren't they cute?

All I needed for this recipe was: Keebler Fudge Strip cookies turned upside down, icing, and hershey kisses. No cooking involved= my favorite recipe!

And here are my finished treats- some with hershey kisses and some with rolos. Can't wait to bring these to the party!

It was definitely a chocolate filled morning/afternoon. Now I'm off to get a few more things done before I head off to work for the night!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday everybody!

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