Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chocolate M&M Pretzels

Well, the weekends almost over...

"Say what?!"
Yes that's right. It's almost Monday again- unfortunately! Today was a pretty low key day around here.
It started off with some yummy cinnamon rolls- an out of the ordinary breakfast- sure beats cheerios!

Doesn't that look delicious?! Just as we were finishing breakfast- my Uncle Craig and cousins Cailean and Annabel arrived! We weren't expecting them so it was certainly a nice surprise!

My uncle just bought a brand new car and the kids are absolutely loving it! I was absolutely loving it too and thought about trading in my car for about 10 minutes until I remembered how dearly I love it =)

I spent the afternoon running errands with my mom and came home to eat a new Stouffers meal with chicken, broccoli, and cheesy rice. It was delicious and it reminded me of a meal my mom used to make when I was younger. I will definitely be purchasing it again!

Tonight my mom and I got our baking on....

Don't these treats look delicious? They are really simple to make too. Lay out square pretzels and then place Hershey kisses on top of them. Then place them in the oven for 3 minutes until slightly melted. Once they are out of oven quickly place an M&M on each one. Let them cool- placing them in the fridge obviously does this a little quicker and then enjoy! We made this batch for my moms book club but I'm planning on making another batch for a Halloween party I'm going to be attending next weekend. I also am hoping to make some around Christmas time too! =)

While baking our delicious treats my mom and I had on the TV show Extreme Couponing. This show has me incredibly intrigued! I want to be an extreme couponer but I don't have 30+ hours a week to dedicate to it like the crazies on the show do...

Do any of you coupon out there? How extreme are you?

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