Monday, October 15, 2012

Habit No More

Does anyone have a bad habit they just can't quit?
I know in a previous entry I discussed quitting biting my fingernails but I don't believe I've ever mentioned my soda addiction.

For as long as I can remember I've LOVED soda but obviously knew it wasn't good for me. I was drinking at least one soda a day and even more on special occasions. My water intake was low at best and the only other liquids I was consuming were tea, coffee, and that was pretty much it!

Within the last few months I have quit drinking soda during the week. I have only been drinking soda on weekends, and not always. I usually have about two a weekend and and have been drinking water non-stop!

Today for instance I have had three 17oz bottles of water and am currently working on bottle number 4! I have always loved water but it was never my first choice of a beverage but now it is! I'm now choosing not to drink my calories.

So everyone should open up and guzzle down some of the delicious h20! =)

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