Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Party Fun!

Once I got out of work today, I headed off with one of my co-workers, Kaitlin to check out the course for the 5K we will be running. We walked the entire thing so we were able to see what the hills were like and where the race will take us. We had a great time chatting away and getting pumped up! Only a month away!

Tonight, I attended a Halloween party thrown by one of my best friend's dad and stepmother. It was a great time! I brought all my treats and they all went super quickly, barely any were left when I left the party!  I decided to not spend money on a costume this year and took out one of my old dance costumes and dressed up as a ballerina this year! 

I even made it authentic and wore my pointe shoes- which I hand't put on for 2 years. Man, my feet felt like they were broken by the end of the night!

And Roxy gave me some kisses before I left...

Now for some pictures from the party.... 

Steph embarrassed by her mom singing to her...

Chariho High School Buddies

Our group =)

Jenna, Laura, and Brittni

Jenna and Brittni- Ghostbusters!

FGB- First Grade Buddies

Laura and Brit- Uconn Buddies!

Marie Antoinette breaking it down...

Heather, Brittni's stepmom made this Martha Stewart creation- so cool!

This was my big Halloween celebration and dress up time this year because I won't be going out on actual Halloween. I don't know if anyone will be...I've heard that Hurricane Sandy might get pretty nasty up here this coming week..
Speaking of Hurricanes- next year is MY year! There will be a Hurricane Melissa. Woohoo =)

Has there ever been a hurricane named after you?

Wellll I'm off to bed- hope everyone had a great Saturday!

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