Thursday, October 4, 2012

Looking back...Europe 3 years ago!

Tonight for dinner I had another piece of lasagna...nothing too interesting here! My whole body is sore from spotting gymnastics tonight but I know that my legs hurt primarily from the workout I did this morning. I'm hoping tomorrow my mom and I can bring Roxy to the beach for a little fun. Roxy loves the beach and is adorable as she prances up and down the sand, racing at us to try to get us to chase I love that dog!

In other news, one of my best friends just got back from her trip to Europe and I have been lusting over her pictures as she loads them onto facebook. She visited London and Paris- while I've never been to Paris (although I'd love to go) I did go to London, Granada, and Malaga in March of 2009! My best friend, Rachel, who I've mentioned on here before, was studying abroad in Granada and I was lucky enough to be able to go visit her. I just thought I'd share a few of my favorite pictures from that trip 3 years ago!

Starting the trip in Malaga Spain...

Granada, Spain

London, England

Since I haven't been to Europe in 3 years I'm definitely hoping to go back sometime in the near future!

Where in Europe would you most like to travel to?
Where outside of Europe is on your travel bucket list?

I would love to go back to England again. I would also like to travel to France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland and Scotland. My #1 place in Europe to go would have to be Austria. I have a weird obsession with seeing where the Sound of Music took place!

Outside of Europe, I really would like to go to Australia. I would also love to go to Hawaii.

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