Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PLL Halloween Special

Todays breakfast was a bit of a change from the normal bowl of cheerios. We are running low on milk in this house, so I opted for my highly popular cheese roll. Wondering how to make said cheese roll? Well let me tell you- it's quite simple. Take a bulky roll, place 2-3 pieces of cheese inside and heat in microwave for 15 seconds or until cheese is slightly melted. Yum! It was delicious!

I haven't done my workout for today yet, but plan on doing a circuit workout from my collection on pinterest. 

Tone up workout from @annicanicole #fitfluential

I'm thinking this one might be todays winner! 

Did anyone watch the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special last night?! I was at work but caught up this morning after work and watched it online- I love when networks put their shows right online for people like me who work at night and constantly miss the best tv!

If you haven't watched it yet you may want to skip the rest of this blog post so I don't ruin anything for you.......

So peeps who are still left (peeps-hasn't come out of my mouth since middle school-where'd that come from!?)

  • Who kidnapped Aria? It sounded like a guy and a girl talking so I'm thinking Jenna and Noel? Maybe they just wanted to mess with the girls.

  • Who killed Garrett?  A. obviously. But who is A? Or part of the A-team?
  • What was Toby involved in on the train? He kept a pretty low profile!

  • Who tried to strangle Spencer? A-team..?

  • What did Aria's dad have going on with Alison? Were they involved in a romantic way? Creepy if so...

  • Who was in the body bag at the end? I'm thinking Alison? But if so how did her body get on board? Who put it there?

Ahh I have so many questions- I can't wait for the new season to start January 8th. I have a lot to keep me occupied until then but still- I want to know what happens next! 

Well I'm off to eat lunch and workout! Have a great day everybody!

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