Saturday, October 6, 2012

Productive Saturday

When I got out of work today, I was in hardcore project mode. I had my sights set on a few projects for this afternoon...

First up, take all the bins out of my closet, reorganize and label them...

Although the job wasn't quite as daunting as I had thought it would be, it still took over an hour and a trip to Walmart to complete. I managed to organize all of the bins into a few categories: kitchen, christmas, childhood, and household. I have so much stuff for my future home, so I want to save it all but obviously I can't just place pots and pans around my bedroom as decoration. I mean, I guess I could, if I was a weirdo =)

So another project I've been working on  was organizing some accessories in my closet. I purchased these three bins from Walmart. 

In bin #1, all my makeup bags and travel bags....

I  bin #2 hats and gloves....

In bin #3 bathing suits!

Sorry for the dark pictures but my closet was looking a little dark when I took these pictures!

Finally, I planned on making some cookies for my family that I will *hopefully* see tomorrow.

Considering I only had green and red icing, I think I managed to do pretty well =) I hope you can pick out the Harry Potter pumpkin cookie...

Finally a few pictures of our house model:

Yes, she is a model. Do you expect any less from this little princess?

Do you make cookies for each holiday?
What's your favorite treat to make for Halloween?

I have a few Pinterest-y ideas for recipes I hope to make this year. I do make cookies every year, at least for Christmas. I want to broaden my horizons this year because unlike cooking, baking is something I actually enjoy so hopefully I will get to try out a few recipes!

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