Friday, October 19, 2012

Rainy Friday

Good morning!

Happy Friday everyone-- it's a rainy Friday here in Rhode Island which I am NOT currently loving...Lets back up to last night shall we?

I had a LONG but rewarding night at work and was very proud of myself for the work I did with some older gymnasts. I was able to work them harder then they normally get worked so everyone left sweaty and happy which always equals a good day in my book!

Then I got home to a yummy dinner which I forgot to take a picture of until I had practically demolished it...

Chicken, mashed potatoes and corn! I always leave my mashed potatoes till the end because they are my favorite part!

I had an early bedtime last night because I was planning on going for a walk early this morning with my mom but unfortunately the weather did hold out for us. Luckily I have lunch plans with one of my good friends, Kristin so I am very excited to see her!

This morning was enjoyed with a BIG bowl of apple cinnamon cheerios and taking a ride over to drop some paperwork off to my brother at work. Roxy got to go for the ride too and she was a very happy girl sticking her head out the window! =)

When my mom arrived home from Florida the other day she brought me a few thing she picked up in Florida and I thought you guys would like to see them!

She picked up a palm tree ornament and a dragonfly necklace- both of which I love!

Closer look at the dragonfly necklace. It was made by and she picked it up at an art festival in Vero Beach. I love dragonflies because they represent my grandma and whenever I wear them I feel like she's with me.

Here's a closer look at the palm tree ornament. I just think it is so cute with all the Christmas lights around the top. I do think it's a little goofy that people decorate palm trees for Christmas in Florida but I guess not everyone lives in a place where it snows on Christmas Day!

Well I'm off to lunch and possibly a little bit of shopping and I'm hoping to get in a circuit workout in before I have to go to work this afternoon but we will see!

Enjoy your Friday everyone!

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