Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scotland CT Highland Festival

Today, I met up with some of my family at the Scotland Highland Festival in Scotland CT. My family on my mom's side is Scottish, and my uncle, cousins and papa actually spent 2 weeks this past summer in Scotland so this was right up their ally. My mom and I were a little wary about the festival, especially because the forecast said it was going to rain but we figured we might as well check it out and meet up with our family.

When we arrived, we found out that they bus everyone in from a nearby field, so onto a school bus we went. My mom (a retired teacher) and I were talking about how long it has been since either of us has been on school bus. I forgot how weird they smell. Do you guys think that school buses smell the same? Or is that just me?

Once we got on the bus, my papa and his girlfriend Vivian pulled up. Luckily the bus driver waited for them and we were all able to ride over to the festival together. 

As soon as the bus pulled up to the festival we saw this little guy:

Isn't he cute? He reminds me of a Rhody Ram (URI's mascot is a ram-so immediately this little guy reminded me of my friend from outside the URI quad)

Once we got inside, we found my uncle and cousins and decided to check out what was happening around the festival- there were quite a few events taking place!

We also were  hungry for lunch and I decided that I was interested in trying a new thing. There weren't a ton of options, and I wasn't feeling like a big meaty meal so I decided to try Rumplethump.

I was a little nervous about the cabbage and how much there would be inside the dish, but I really wanted to try something new so I gave it a shot...

and it was delicious! Rumplethump was very similar to mashed potatoes and had a bit of seasoning which made it so tasty! I ate every last bite, and my mom really enjoyed hers too. 

For a drink I enjoyed a delicious, steaming hot chocolate.

My favorite during a cold, fall day!

We had a little fun...
Mom with her bow and arrow

I'm Scottish!

Watched some of the highland games:

Tossing a tree!

Marching Competition

Cailean and Annabel watching the competitions

Did some shopping:
My new ring

And spent time with family:

Vivian, Papa, and Mom

Vivian, Papa and me

Papa and Me

It was definitely an experience to attend this festival...lots of people in kilts. I am glad I went though, if only to spend the day with my family. Oh and to try the food! =)

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