Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mommas Back!

Today has been another busy day! I had a class to teach this morning and then a special errand- picking my mom up from the airport!

My parents left for Florida last Tuesday and while my mom came home today, my dad decided to stay an extra week and will be coming home next week. I am thrilled to have my mom back because I was starting to feel like I was living in a frat house with my brother and all his friends.

Another person who was thrilled to see her mommy?

This little girl! =)

I have yet to do a workout today because I've been spending all my free time transferring my pictures from Facebook onto my computer which I've officially finished- woohoo! I have learned my lesson and will be purchasing an external hard drive ASAP.

I'm off to head back to work for a few hours- have a great day everyone!

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