Monday, October 8, 2012

Trip to Target = Project Completed!

Yesterday after the festival, my mom and I headed to Target!

I was super excited that the Target we went to also had a Starbucks inside because there isn't a Starbucks near my house and I was craving a mocha frappachino.

Notice the empty cup? Serious craving!

When we stopped by Target I was hoping to pick up Bethenny Frankel's Skinny girl workout DVD but unfortunately it wasn't there. I'm not sure if they sell it there anymore, I might just order it online because I am really interested in it.  

Anyways, when I was in Target wandering through the aisles I remembered a little project that I had wanted to do to my desk.

 My scrapbook supplies were looking like this: 

Which was not pretty at all. In fact it was driving me nuts!

So I bought these baskets:

Now they look like this:

So much better! I love the baskets too! I have recently been all about baskets in decorating. I want to implement baskets in all my shelves and bookcases, but will have to do so slowly but surely because I am unfortunately not made of money (although I would LOVE a money tree if anyone has one lying around)

I also picked up two other items:

I really wanted to support Elle and Blair Fowler because I always watch their videos on youtube for fashion and beauty advice and figured this would be a quick, easy read!

Socks! So exciting eh? I know I lead a ridiculously glamorous life. 

And on that note....have a great day everybody!

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