Monday, November 5, 2012

A run on the treadmill...

So first off, I am a complete baby about the cold weather. I am just not a fan of suffering in the freezing weather outside- so as it continues to get colder each week, I will probably move inside and complete my runs on the treadmill rather than suffer outdoors!

Yesterday, I completed my last 5K training of week 5 which looked like this:

5 minute warm up walk
8 minute run
5 minute walk
8 minute run
5 minute cool down walk

The 8 minute runs weren't the happiest moments of my life- I definitely felt uncomfortable- especially during the second one, but I powered through. I also at a couple points changed the incline on the treadmill to 6, 3 and then back to 6 for a few minutes in order to make myself feel as if I was running hills. 

Since I completed a whole week of training, I got to indulge in a little treat- one of my Sweenors Bars! I enjoyed every last second of that baby =)

I'm really encouraged now that I have completed 5 weeks of this training plan- I have certainly come a long way in a short amount of time. Only 9 more training days left in this plan and 19 days until my 5K! Plenty of days left to get ready! =)

Since I was on the treadmill, I have all my stats too:

Lovely! Anyways- I hope that you all have a lovely start to your week! I have been a cleaning maniac and organizing freak all morning so I'll share some of those things with you tomorrow =)

Have a great day!

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