Thursday, November 15, 2012

Conquering Basement Storage

My close friend Kristin recently asked me to come over and help her with an organization project. Kristin has moved around a lot in the past few years. She lived in Boston during college and then moved to Orlando shortly after that. Now she is back home and all the items she has moved with her are now living in her basement. Kristin wasn't exactly sure what she had in her bins and they were all over the place filled with random things so that's where I came in!

When we started there were boxes everywhere and everything was all mixed up. There were no categories at all. So we started opening boxes and sorting everything out into piles. Here is a list of piles that worked well for us in this situation:

  • Christmas Decoration
  • Fall/Halloween Decorations
  • Home Decor
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • To Donate
  • To Sell
  • To put in a new place
  • Trash
Throughout the process we ended up collecting an entire bag of trash, a huge pile of donations, and one unopened thing to sell. All of her items are now in bins based on category which will make it way easier to find everything when she loves into a new place!

Doesn't it even LOOK better? I even used my label maker to make some labels for her bins. On the cardboard boxes we just wrote exactly what was in that box so she could simply glance at it and find out what to expect when she opens it up!

Kristin said her favorite part was that she now knew what she needs when she does move out of her parents house. She knows what she needs to buy and the stuff that she already has.

This was definitely a successful project!

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