Friday, November 9, 2012

Desk Cabinet- Top Shelf

So how long were you betting it would be before I fixed that top shelf of my desk cabinet? Anyone who bet less than a week has won!

Since I continually find myself feeling OCD about things that aren't in the right place or are laying around not serving a purpose as soon as I finished the bottom shelf I knew it wouldn't be long until I was back in that cabinet fixing my other shelf as well.

Remember the before?

Now check out the after:


Everything now has a place and serves a purpose. I had a bunch of burned CDs from old dance recitals that I no longer needed. I also had tons of Macbook Pro installation CDs for my computer that were in thick boxes with their manuals. The manuals/warranty information was removed and put with other like information in a file while the cps were put in skinnier packaging so they would not take up as much room. The thick boxes were recycled. With all the extra space I had room to slip my external hard drive and connector cord in an empty space towards the back of the cupboard.

I love when things are all organized and nice and neat- it definitely eases my sleep at night =)

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