Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Desk Drawer Organization

This weekend, I headed into Marshalls with a gift card I had held onto since my birthday with the plan of buying some organization supplies- and buy organization supplies I did!

I picked up a basket where my to-read magazines now live next to my nightstand and I also picked up a drawer organizer for my desk =)

It was a tight squeeze- at first I thought for sure I was going to have to bring it back because it was not fitting in the drawer- but after a few pushes and shoves I got it in there!

Some of the items did not make it back into the drawer because I really want to keep it organized and honestly a bunch of the items can find a new home. I don't need tons and tons of markers and crayons because I don't use them..like...ever.

There was so much stuff shoved in that drawer!!!

Isn't it absolutely BEAUTIFUL??? 
I think that it will definitely keep me organized and allow me to keep only what I truly need in this drawer. I love when things look pretty when I open up a drawer- clutter no more!

I'm so happy with this project and very proud of how it turned out. There were lots of other patterns of this desk organizer at Marshalls so if ya'll hurry down there you might be able to pick one up too- only $10! Not bad =)

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